#721: Academic Life, Professorship, Depression & Mental Health with Latoya Baldwin Clark [WOYG Podcast]

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Latoya Baldwin Clark (website: LatoyaBaldwinClark.com) is a UPENN and Staford grad with a long and very decorated academic background. She is also my sister, and in this wide-ranging conversation we talk about Latoya’s experience in the academic world (and how she did it); our upbringings and how our paths diverged the way they did, and spend a lot of time discussing mental health and depression, which Latoya has dealt with since her teenage years.

What’s great about this conversation is the juxtaposition between my views of the uselessness of school for my profession versus the need for it for hers; along with the points made about mental health topic and allowing yourself to be less-than-perfect some days. There’s a lot to learn in this one.

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2:12 Topics Discussed with Latoya Baldwin Clark

6:05  Introduction to Latoya’s Extensive Educational Background

11:32 How Was It Possible For You To Achieve All These Academic Credentials?

13:35 What Does Being Prepared “In School” Mean To You?

15:39 “Office Hours” in College

18:56 “Politics” in the Academe and Athletic World

21:28 Being Open To Possibilities

23:00 How Do You Identify And Connect With The People That You Need To Know to Get To Where You Want To Be?

26:22 Reference: Episode #22 and Episode #161

26:58 The Importance Of Mentors

28:04 Techniques On How To Approach People

31:15 Breaking Through And Connecting With A Well Known Person

33:24 What Is A “Job Talk” ?

34:22 Preparing For A Job Talk

36:27 What Does “Present A Paper” Mean?

38:31 Getting Your First Job As A Professor

42:00 Latoya And Dre’s Paths

43:51 Growing Up In The Baldwin Home

48:47 What Trait Or Skill Did You Take From Your Childhood Into Your Adulthood?

49:26 Coming Out Of High School, What Did You Think I Would Become?

51:12 Your Biggest Challenge In All Your Years Going To School

53:14 Recognizing and Dealing With Depression

56:02 Self-Discipline

59:07 What Is The World View On Someone Admitting They Have Depression?

1:00:55 What Do You Do On Those Days That You Are Depressed But You Have To Go and Work?

1:04:31 What Is It Like Inside A Therapists Office?

1:06:39 Behaviors And Feelings

1:07:39 Do You Look Forward To Going To The Therapist, The Same Way Somebody Looks Forward To Going To The Gym?

1:08:30 How Did The People Who Knew About Your Depression Respond?

1:11:00 Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts

1:11:55 Is Depression Something That Just Happens?

1:14:38 When And How Did You Know That What You’re Doing Now Is What You Wanted To Do?

1:14:44 Being An Investment Banker

1:18:48 What Is Your Perspective In The Value Of Going To College?

1:19:53 Why Does A College Degree Matter?

1:20:55 Reaching A Certain GPA To Play In College Basketball

1:22:26 Reference: Episode #277: What College Major You Should Choose

1:22:55 Networking In College

1:23:54 What Would You Tell Your Child About College?

1:25:56 Did You Have Classes In College That You Knew Were Just A Complete Waste Of Time?

1:29:32 What Would Someone Need To Do, To Get To Where You Are Right Now?

1:31:14 People Need To Go Out In The Real World Before They Decide To Be A Professor, Why?

1:35:52 Latoya’s Blog Post

1:36:47 Do You Read Or Write For Pleasure Outside Of Your Work?

1:38:30 What Are Your Favorite Non-Fiction Books?

1:41:13 Where To Read Latoyas Blog

1:42:45 Do You See Yourself Writing A Book One Day?

1:44:04 How Many Years Does A PhD Require?

1:44:39 Did You Have Any Advantage That You Have Had That Has Led To Your Success?

1:45:35 What General Advice Do You Have To Pick That Right Partner?

1:47:49 Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline – Which One Did You Struggle With?

1:49:48 The Only Person Allowed To Underestimate Me, Is Me.

1:51:12 Latoya’s Contact Details

1:51:30 Outro

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