#722: How To Exploit All Your Talents [WOYG Podcast]

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Game. A lot of people have it; not many ever express the full extent of theirs. There’s aren’t many feelings in life worse than knowing a situation is over and we haven’t maximized the opportunity  — especially  If a lack of confidence or knowledge is the culprit.

Today we address maximizing the display of your game

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2:40 Today’s topic: How to exploit multiple talents

3:28 Deion Sanders quote : “If you have more than one talent, you should be receiving more than one check.”

4:18 Point I: Establishing yourself for something.

6:30 You’ve got to go hard for a long period of time for people to know you for something.

9:10 Point II: Your next pursuit should be symbiotic to the pervious one.

9:17 Definition of Symbiotic: Involving interaction between 2 different organisms living in close physical association.

10:30 You’ve got to make that foundation that you started with connect to the next thing you’re going to do.

13:40 Point III: Don’t put limits on yourself.

14:37 Never say you can’t do it till you try it first.

15:07 The purpose of having the ability is for you to utilize it.

15:40 Recap

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