#726: Needed: People Who Are Actually Good At What You Do [WOYG Podcast]

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What do you do (or want to do) for a living? These are probably lots of them out there, aren’t there? You’ve probably asked yourself, or been asked, or been wrestling with, how you’ll stand out from everyone else. And you should handle that question, because you’ll need to answer it. And I have a quick-and-easy back to help you on your way.

Be good at what you do.

Simple enough, but ask anyone who’s dealt with enough hired help: the percentages of ________s who are actually good at it is a smaller number than you probably think. And that sucks, really. I’ll explain today what I mean and how.

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2:10 Today’s Topic: We Need People Who Are Actually Good At What You Do

2:39 Either be good or be popular

8:46 Point I: When you are good, you will stand out by contrast

10:19 Point II: When you are good, people will eventually come seeking you out

12:42 when someone seeks you out make sure you charge for it

13:39 Point III: When you are good, you have to work on getting yourself known

14:46 As mentioned in Episode 648 Why You Need To Get Famous, ASAP – Being well known makes your job easier

15:33 When you know you’re good, start spreading the word and make sure you can back it up

16:01 Recap

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