#727: Stop Accepting “No” So Easily [WOYG Podcast]

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If you’ve done any sales or reading on sales, you’ve heard that a lot of sales is the very act of dealing with “No” — and it is. The differentiating factor for the salespeople who actually sell, though, is their relationship to “No.”

And with so many people in your lane, and so many short-on-attention people you’re selling to, you’d better have a strategy for dealing with “No” in all its forms. Luckily for you, I have some help for you today.

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2:11 Today’s Topic: Stop accepting “No” so easily.

2:58 This Podcast is about the discipline of showing up day after day to do the work.

4:40 97% of the population gives up easily when they hear the word “no”.

5:15 It’s going to be easy for you to get what you want in life if you get passed that “no” simply because #1 because of lack of competition and #2 because entities will respect you because of your belief in what you’re doing.

5:40 Point I: Never accept a no from a person who is not qualified to say yes.

8:30 Don’t listen to People who cannot do anything to put you in a better position to achieve your goals.

9:38 Point II: Number 1 rule in Sales: Follow Up!

13:35 Stop taking it personally when you’re reaching out to a person and they don’t reply. Maybe you just need to follow up.

14:13 Point III: The world is not black and white, sometimes people say no but they could mean something else. It is your job with your persistence what they really mean.

15:30 Referencing the Movie Hitch.

16:28 It’s very hard to respect someone who gives up on something after just one failed attempt.

17:10 Recap

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