#728: You’ve Been Lied To: Hard Work Does NOT Beat Talent [WOYG Podcast]

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This cute saying — “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” — has made its way around the sports world over the years. I think some coach or parent came up with it to vomit I ate their skill-deprived young athlete, attributed the statement to a famous person, and it stuck.

What’s funny is, the otherworldly talent of the famous person is a huge part of how they became famous. Not to say there wasn’t work involved, but it’s a misleading motivational ploy that isn’t helping the average-talent-level person (which is most people).

Can you still “make it” without a ton of talent? Maybe. Just maybe.

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2:08 Today’s Topic: Dispelling the Myth “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

5:02 Point I: You cannot be a skilless bum and think you’re going to hard work your way to success.

6:11Hard work has become a virtue in our society because you can sell anyone the dream of hard work while everybody doesn’t have skill.

7:05 Hard work alone will not get you success.

8:57 Point II: Hard work does not matter if you don’t have the right information as to what to work hard on and how.

10:00 Amateurs work hard on the wrong things because they neglect to invest on themselves.

10:23 Reference EP 609: Five forms of investment.

14:50 Point III: Talent and skill produce opportunities for you which hard work alone will not create.

24:50 The first filter is skill.

28:20 Recap

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