#755: How To Become A Professional Athlete [WOYG Podcast]

April 29, 2018 #755: How To Become A Professional Athlete [WOYG Podcast]

Being that the supply of jobs is so small, it’s really a huge undertaking to aim at becoming a professional athlete. Depending on the sport, it is literally a one in a million shot you’re taking to get there.

Not one to discourage anyone from their goals, I want to help you prepare yourself to get there. Today’s show explains the steps you need to take to become a pro athlete, simple and plain.

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2:47 Today’s Topic: How To Become A Professional Athlete

4:21 Being a Pro-Athlete is the most wanted job in the world.

6:07 Point I: You must learn the very first point of Work on Your Game – DISCIPLINE.

8:24 If you are not working on your game on your own, you are not going to become a professional athlete.

8:33 In professional sports, three areas of working on your game – skills, building the body, and conditioning.

10:17 You have to be disciplined in staying patient in doing what you are supposed to do.

12:03 Point II: You need to have some game.

12:44 Game is a relative term – you have to be better than your competitors to get the job.

14:06 You have to continually work on your game.

15:24 Point III: You must know people and get yourself known.

16:20 Politics is part of your job as a professional athlete.

17:11 Previous episodes about politics on dreallday.com/podcast.

17:30 You can have all the game in the world but not know the right people at the right place at the right time, you may not get your shot.

19:30 When you get the perfect combination of these three, it can be lifechanging.

19:48 Point IV: You must promote yourself.

21:42 If you are not the top 1% of the top 1%, the public at large is not going to promote you.

23:01 Tweet this: It is not the world’s job to give you attention just because you’re good.

23:17 It is your job to first of all – be good, second – let everybody know how good you are, and third – prove it once they start looking.

24:06 Point V: You have to perform and prove that you have game.

27:23 Just having game alone does not guarantee that you’ll perform.

27:37 Point VI: To become and to remain a pro athlete, there is no off season.

29:52 Being a pro is a full-time job, being a pro is all the time.

31:45 Recap

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