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Everyone wants to be confident; very few of us want to be disciplined. And I understand why.

Discipline is hard damn work! It’s not sexy or fun and there’s probably very little variety involved. Based on that description, who wants to sign up for that?

It’s discipline’s payoff that we want, though. Among many others, one result of discipline is confidence. Today’s show explains exactly why that is and how you can go about getting you some of both.


[Transcript] #757: How Discipline Creates Confidence

Welcome to the greatest shown audio world where you learn the disciplines to show up day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when the success you have expected has yet to arrive at scheduled time and on top of all this give you a bonus at a personal initiative the go getter energy to go make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Putting all this together you get the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day welcome to today’s show. Today’s topic. So they were talking about confidence. Well we also want to talk about discipline how discipline actually creates confidence. There’s a reason why and when I introduced this show every single day I talk about discipline first. Discipline is the first thing you need. And because of your discipline you are able to create that confidence. We all understand. If you are around and ask people if you just look at yourself and your own life everybody wants confidence right.

If you ask anybody if there’s any internal trait intangible internal trait that we could just boost to unbelievable levels right now within you what would it be almost everybody would say I want to have more confidence. Very few people would say I want to have more discipline was I want to have more confidence understanding not everybody is excited about discipline but everybody needs in order to build that confidence. And today I’m going to explain how one leads to the other one being discipline leads to the other being confidence point number one. Let’s understand what confidence is. We just define coffin as it is a belief in an ability. Confidence is a belief in your ability to do something or be something or complete something. That’s what confidence is and is hard to believe in an ability. I think we can agree that you don’t half can’t believe in an ability that you know if you haven’t practiced something enough. If you don’t have the actual skill is pretty hard to believe in your ability to get something done. If you’ve never actually done it you haven’t practiced it you haven’t worked on it you have no proof in your mind let alone in the real world that you can actually get something done. Understand that the discipline of doing the work that I tell you every single day introducing his podcast is what creates the skill which you can now believe in. I must say that again I’m going to make sure we all on the same page to the discipline of doing the work. Whatever the work is if you want to be a great writer you want to be confident in your ability to write the discipline of sitting down every single day and starting to write creates the skill of being a good writer.

There’s someone who said Hey I only write when I feel motivated or inspired or someone had asked them hey how I want to write more but I don’t feel motivated or inspired to write as much as I would need to to write a book or to get good at writing and a writer said to him. Well you know I only write when I’m motivated and inspired the same way it’s the same but the thing is I’m motivated and inspired every single day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. So that is discipline right there. Your discipline of showing up and doing whatever it is you need to do to develop their skill i.e. working on your game is what creates the ability in anything you do in a disciplined fashion. You have a high level of skill and doing even if it’s something you don’t want to do. If you have a if you have a discipline when it comes to being lazy you’re pretty skilled that mainly you have discipline when it comes to doubting yourself. You’re pretty skilled at self-doubt when you have discipline when comes to eating foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating. You got a skill of making the wrong decisions in the kitchen or the wrong decisions at the at the bar or the wrong decisions when you go to a restaurant. Those are skills that you develop because you have practiced them over and over and over again. So that’s how the discipline of doing work creates the ability. Point number two understand at practice skill is great any skill to you develop through practice is a great thing to have now doing it over and over and over again.

The discipline until it’s second nature that is the confidence that you want. See this is not just the confidence that you can do it but the confidence that you can’t not do it.

Let me backup so so so you catch everything I said right there might have said it too fast where you practiced skill any skill to you develop because you have worked on your game that is great to have of course you worked long a game you develop skill I mean that’s what this is all about right. Of course now doing it over and over again once you had developed the skill seekers you can develop a skill by practice by practice. I don’t know was something that I could practice. Somebody give me a sentence that I can say in some foreign language that I don’t know how to speak of our practice it enough I’ll have the ability to say that sentence in the native sound like I’m a native and say it in a way that people think that I know that whole language because the way that I said that one sentence because I practice it over and over again but I’ll probably forget it if I don’t if I don’t continue to practice it see doing it over and over and over again maybe even grasping the entire language so I could put together a conversation or a paragraph or even understand what somebody else is saying. See if I’d do that that practice via the discipline of speaking at language learning that line was immersing myself in an environment where I have to develop that language so I can communicate until it is second nature to me. That is the kind of confidence I want. See I can believe that I can do something because I practice it enough.

I want to be able to get to the point where I can’t not do it.

See I can’t not say what I’ve got to say here on this podcast because I’ve got the practice skill not only to practice skill of expressing what I’m thinking but also I’ve done it so many times the discipline I mean what no episode is this that’s every single day since April 2006 I have been doing this podcast I’ve done it so many times via discipline that I can’t not do it.

I can’t not do what I’ve been doing because the discipline that I’m pushing myself to bring it every single time to do that thing every single time I’ve done it so many times that it kind of becomes second not kind of but definitely become second nature to me. And understand that you have things that are second nature to you. What are the things that you do to union had to think about them. You’re pretty good at them and they just come naturally to you and even think about the fact that you’ve done it. There are things you done today yesterday that you don’t even think about the fact that you did them because you’ve done so many times not only because you practice to get better at it but because you’ve been disciplined enough to do it consistently that it becomes is something you can do quote unquote naturally.

So you want to be at the point that you only had to remember that you can do something that becomes automatic in basketball something like making a layup becomes automatic you’ll have to think about the fact that I’m going to make this layup is something that you just do automatically if someone who’s a really good writer the fact that they can they turn on their typewriter or turn on their computer or open up a fresh new document on their phone and start writing that they can get 500 words down in an hour.

That’s something that they don’t even have to think about they made the thing about what the words will be. But the fact that they can do that on a consistent basis they don’t have to think about it because they have disciplined themselves to do it so normally that is become second nature. See this is how discipline creates confidence. You may be wondering well what does that have to do with confidence. I mean is discipline doing the thing over and over again is the fact that because you’ve done it so many times and you can do it without thinking about it you only have to think about whether or not you believe in yourself.

See when it comes to your discipline of doing anything in life. If you got to think about em Do I believe this. Can I really do this AMA skilled enough to deliver to see if you’re thinking it and asking yourself those questions consciously. You have not exercised enough discipline for a long enough period of time. Yet. Doesn’t mean you made a mistake. Maybe you just started. Maybe you just haven’t been at it long enough. But once you have exercise the right amount of discipline for a long enough period of time you will be confident in doing things that you don’t even have to remember that you’re confident that you only had to think about them. You’re doing you only had to think about the fact that you did it let alone the fact that you’re confident and the fact that you’re that you can actually do it well at a high level. That’s where you want to get to the union remember that it becomes completely automatic to you. Point number three. And today’s topic is how discipline creates confidence when you know you have done the work. You are not unsubtle when things go off script.

Repeating it when you know you’ve done the work when you know you have been disciplined in today’s topic again how is discipline create confidence and when you keep that topic in Monza you understand how it connects to what I’m saying. When you’ve been disciplined and you’ve been doing the work over and over and over and over again if something happens to go off the script is not really going the way you thought it would go.

The higher your level of discipline the less that will even bother you because you know deep down that everything is going to come back to exactly where it should be. I’ll tell you a story it was 1992.

Miami arena not the American Airlines Arena where the Heat play now but Miami Arena. This is where he used to play. Anyone who lives in Miami you know where that arena used to be is actually two blocks away from where the arena is now and I guess in that area right there two blocks away is what constituted overtown and some people who lived in Miami grew up in Miami told me that was Overtown is a very dangerous area back then. But anyway the story actually happened in the building the Miami Heat were playing the Chicago Bulls in the 1992 NBA playoffs this is the first round playoffs bulls against the heat and this is when NBA playoffs were best of five and first round. Now Chicago Bulls 1992 if you know your NBA history to bulls had won the championship in 1991 they beat Magic Johnson and the Lakers and in 1992 give away the story here not the story but the conclusion. Not even a conclusion but the further conclusion The Bulls went on to beat the Portland Trail Blazers in a 1992 NBA Finals that the Bulls were up two games to zero at this point in the series the first two games of the series had been in Chicago. Now the next two games are scheduled to be in Miami and a deciding Game 5 if necessary will be in Chicago because the Bulls Head Home Court Advantage the Miami Heat. I think this was their first time ever even making the playoffs. They were down two games zero to owning is Michael Jordan the best player. The Chicago Bulls the best team but as their first game in Miami in the series so all their fans are cheering them on like hey let’s let us win one let’s beat Michael Jordan. Let’s see if we can take down the champions. The fans did they mean they showed up to support their team like any hometown fans would do. So the Chicago Bulls come out in this game in Miami and the Heat are kind of kicking your ass.

The Heat are actually beating them pretty badly in this game in the first half of the game there. They’re doing a number on the Chicago Bulls it looks like the heat may actually win the game and extend this first round best of five series.

And Johnny Kerr who was a an announcer for the Chicago Bulls back then. He was working his score say boy if you watch a basketball game you know how the announcers are sitting right there at that table where the players were the players walked by every time they come into game or sub sub into the game or saw about hitting Johnny carers working for the Bulls he’s sitting at that table with his broadcast partner and Michael Jordan obviously he knows these guys because they travel with the team there at every game.

And Michael Jordan comes up to the score say well did he have this big lead right now and Johnny Kerr and his partner have been talking on the broadcast like hey the bulls are now about right now are they even gonna be able to come back from this. They may be on their way to losing his game three. We’re going to have to go to game four here Miami woods. They weren’t too mad about because Miami and who doesn’t want to spend an extra couple of days in Miami. Michael Jordan well past the score say but he looked at Johnny Carr and he said here we come.

And according to the story that’s all he said he just looked at them and said. Here we come. And if any of you don’t know this story I would really really suggest that you go on YouTube and you look up.

Just type in Michael Jordan. Miami Heat nineteen ninety two. You can also type in the number 56 and you’ll notice significant that a number 56 as how many points Michael Jordan had that game Michael Jordan said here we come.

He went to score 56 points and the Bulls did indeed win that game the close out the series. I’m telling you that story to tell you this Michael Jordan. I think we can we can agree to Michael Jordan was pretty damn confident in his game in general and he was confident that day in Miami. But he was pretty confident just in general Michael Jordan was also I think we can agree very disciplined. Michael Jordan had done the work he had worked on his game so much so often and every single thing he did was coming to him second nature Michael Jordan then had to think about which move should I do and his guys guarding me Michael Jordan they had to think let me shoot a jump shot this play then I dropped to the basket next play oh somebody fouled me How do I shoot these free throws he didn’t have to think about any of that Michael Jordan had to think Oh Phil Jackson called the play the triangle offense how do we run that. Where am I supposed to go. He had to think about it. He had been so disciplined on his own in developing his own game. Of course you had the discipline of the team and practicing and working through the sets and knowing how they responded to certain things that the defense did.

Michael Jordan was so disciplined in doing his own work and so disciplined in his own game so disciplined not only his physical game but in his mental game than when things were off. The team reminds you their on the road in a playoff game losing by a whole lot of points to a team that is very motivated to beat them. Michael Jordan said here we come he knew what was going to happen. He could predict the future not because he was just so much better than everybody else.

Martin We talked about the NBA who is not the YMCA where you can have this one guy who does way better than everybody else. Is the NBA all these guys are getting paid to play basketball. Now I just told you the other day about how to be a professional athlete are these guys are the top 1 percent of everybody enrolled in basketball. No bums. I mean they weren’t better than Jordan but they’re not terrible basketball but they’re pretty damn good. OK. Michael Jordan said here we come. He knew what was going to happen.

Why. Not because he was just so much talented and everybody else not even because he was so much more confident than everybody else I mean Ghazi were planning is confident to.

As Michael Jordan had exercise his discipline to the point that he could predict the future. He knew that he could be confident in not only in his performance but his teammates performance and then most importantly he went out and actually did it. He one thing to think about it is one thing to talk about is one thing to have practiced it beforehand. It is a completely different thing ladies and gentlemen to actually go out there and prove it when it’s time. And that’s exactly what he did and that is how as we recap today’s episode how discipline creates confidence. Point number one confidence is a belief in your ability. It is hard to believe in an ability which you don’t have the discipline of doing work every single day is what creates the skill which you can now believe in point number two practiced skill is great when you practice something and you get good at it that is an excellent outcome. Congratulations. But understand there’s a higher level doing it over and over again via discipline until it becomes second nature. That’s where you want your confidence to be. Not just that you know you can do it but you don’t even have to think about it and you can’t not do it. The point where you don’t even have to remember that you can do something automatically happens without you even thinking about it. Point number three when you know you’ve done the work you’re not unsubtle when things go off script when things are not going exactly as you expected. You are so confident in that you’ll be able to right the ship and get it where you wanted to go you’re so confident not just because you have skill but because you are so disciplined in what you’ve done up to this point that you can predict the future just like Michael Jordan said here we come look that up on YouTube.

Work on your game. Dre All Day dot.com.


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2:54 Today’s Episode: How Discipline Creates Confidence

3:06 Discipline is the first thing you need. Because of that discipline you are able to create confidence

3:44 Point I: It is a belief in an ability to do something

4:10 If you do not have the skill it is hard to believe in your ability to get something done

4:24 The discipline of doing the work creates the skill that you need

5:58 Point II: Practiced skill is great thing to have

7:28 I want to get to the point when I can’t not do what I do because of discipline

10:07 Point III: When you know you have done the work, you are not unsettled when things go off script

13:37 “Here we come!” Look for Michael Jordan win versus the Miami Heat in 1992 on YouTube

16:26 Recap

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