#758: What I’d Do Differently If I Went Back To School [WOYG Podcast]

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I’ll never be a student of traditional schooling again (in at least 99% sure, at least). While I continue to learn in various other ways, I’m often asked about my past. Would I change anything about my school experience?

Yeah, there are some things I would change. Today I’ll tell you what I would have done differently — and why they matter for you now.

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2:48 Today’s Topic: What I’d Do Differently If I Went Back To School

4:36 None of the things I learned in school does not apply now

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5:57 Point I: I would have socialized even more

7:13 There is no downside to knowing more people and having more people know you

9:42 Point II: I would go to the academic advisor office and ask them if I could get a degree just because I accumulated credits and not a specific degree

12:10 I would do this so as not to not limit my learning ton one specific area in life

13:40 I would do this so that I can choose my classes not by topic, but by the professor

16:22 Point III: If my request not to have a major is denied, I would choose my major based on my general evaluation of the professors

18:15 My sister had a degree from the best schools but when she started working, there is was nothing that they expected her to know just because she had a college degree

19:13 Point IV: I would have been a whole lot smarter in dealing with my athletic coach conflicts

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21:03 Point V: I would have made more friends not just with peers, but also with professors, administrators, and even people who lived in town

22:19 Recap

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