#780: Get Your Performance Up [WOYG Podcast]

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How you play is what you’re ultimately judged on. With all this mental game you get form this podcast, what can you do to make sure your actual performance is at its highest level?

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2:18 Today’s Topic: Get Your Performance Up

3:45 Wanting to be the best and working really hard is worthless if you are not performing. Performance is everything.

4:46 Point I: In life – hard work, dedication, setting goals, wanting to be the best, discipline, confidence, mental toughness, are just the ingredients. People don’t care about your ingredients, they only care about your performance.

7:23 If you are not performing and producing the results required, nobody cares about your ingredients.

8:13 Point II: Nobody in the world will ever pay you for your ingredients, they will pay you for the results of those things.

10:19 Anytime you find yourself explaining to someone about your efforts, you are probably trying to explain away the fact that your performance is not good.

12:24 After they see the result, that is when they’ll want to know about the ingredients.

14:11 Point III: You gotta figure out the recipe.

16:16 After you figure it out, you gotta get some more performance reps – repetitions of you actually doing the thing.

17:38 You gotta do your performance reps over and over.

20:11 If you want to be a professional, you do things over and over and over again.

21:40 Recap

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