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I had high school and college classmates, and family members I grew up with, who peaked as people a long time ago; they’re still the same person — in intelligence, accomplishments and anything if else you can measure — now that they were then.

Today’s show is about constant improvement; how to make sure you’re consistently growing, getting better, and increasing your value. Is that something you’re interested in?

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2:20 Today’s Topic: How To Always Do Better & Get Better

2:54 Dre’s progression in basketball

4:43 Point I: There is nothing wrong in getting to a comfortable spot in life and staying there

6:14 Work on Your Game is about everybody getting better, period. Getting better as a person.

6:55 Point II: Stop comparing yourself to people you have surpassed

8:06 This leads to complacency when we are looking backwards

12:21 What you need to focus on is what you are doing, how you perform, and what you need to do to be at your best

15:44 Point III: You gotta get the yes people out of your circle

15:57 A yes man or a yes woman is someone who co-signs everything you do even when the thing you do are not helping you

17:52 If you have these people around you, you are inviting their influence

18:09 You gotta be on the right page on The Mental Workbook. Get it at www.dreallday.com/workbook

18:34 Who are the people who call on you to step your game up? More on this from Episode #322 How To Know When You’ve Outgrown People In Your Circle

18:49 Recap

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