#823: Why Your Successes Matter More Than Your Failures [WOYG Podcast]

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We talked weeks ago about how your failures and mistakes don’t make you. Today is about how to leverage your success — no matter how few and far between — for more future success. There’s an art to this.

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2:17 Today’s Topic: Why Your Successes Matter More Than Your Failures

3:00 The things that are simple, basic, and easy are harder to believe

3:27 Point I: Computers and dogs get trained by making positive reinforcements

4:27 The things that you positively reinforce, will be repeated because it will get some type of reward

4:54 Negative reinforcement is a consequence with negative energy

5:39 To extinguish a behaviour, you give it NO reinforcement

7:10 When we fail, we reinforce that failure with negative energy

7:28 Point II: We need practice and repetition

8:38 When you miss a shot, forget about that, and move quickly on to make another shot

9:01 Move on from a miss quickly so you do not have time to dwell on it or negatively reinforce the loss

11:35 Point III: Shame & remorse fall in the category of egotistical and self-centred emotions

14:03 Self-confidence is an outwardly projecting emotion

14:29 The energy you put out is the energy you get back

14:54 Recap

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