#827: Choices Now, Results Later [WOYG Podcast]

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Every thoughts, words, and action we partake in today, we must pay for tomorrow. While everyone understands that on a logical level, we still make decisions that show we are not considering this fact.

Today’s Show is about the decisions we make now, and the results they will produce in the future — also about the results we are living with now, that are the children of the decisions we made yesterday.

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2:13 Today’s Topic: Choices Now, Results Later

3:29 Point I: Jeff Bezoz said a strong quarter revenue in 2018 is not because we are doing great work in 2018, it is great work we did in 2014

5:15 The effect you are dealing with in your life right now are not based on what happened recently, you can trace the origins of these circumstances 3, 4, 5 years ago

7:37 You need to learn to think long term

7:53 Successful income earners think of life on a longer perspective

8:55 Point II: Delayed gratification

10:49 In the marshmallow test, the kids who did not eat the marshmallow were more successful as adults

13:02 A successful life is not a constant series of accomplishments, you gotta go to practice before you hit the homerun

18:09 Point III: What decisions do I need today so I can _____________ a year from now?

21:35 you already know what you need to do, why aren’t you doing it?

21:48 Recap

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