#833: Your Dream Is Your Baby [WOYG Podcast]

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If you have raised a child from birth, you know what it’s like to take care of a baby. Instead of being responsible for one person, yourself, now you’re responsible for two. And it’s a 24-hour job of vigilance.

In today’s episode, I will analogize taking care of a newborn baby with your goals, dreams and ambitions in life. It is just as much a 24-hour job as it is to raise a new human being.

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2:22 Today’s Topic: Your Dream Is Your Baby

3:11 You need to care for your dream like you take care of a baby

3:28 Point I: Your dream or goal is depending on you for everything

4:49 You must be willing, able, and ready to defend your goal

5:51 You decided to have a dream, it is your job to take care of the dream.

5:59 Point II: You cannot leave a baby alone by itself even for a minute

7:28 You need to be vigilant about your goal, always paying attention

9:56 Point III: Once you give birth to a baby, it is yours until it is mature enough to be on its own

10:58 You are responsible for seeing through that the goal is working for you

13:49 You are not gonna put your goal around people who do not have goals

16:05 The same thing we do with our kids is what we should do with our goals

16:47 You know a goal can stand on its own when you reach a certain position and it is gonna speak for itself

17:20 Listen to Episode #609 The 5 Forms Of Investment, And How To Use Each at www.dreallday.com/609

17:58 When you raise kids the right way, you’re gonna get paid back for it. When you raise your dream the right way, you’re gonna get paid back for it.

18:14 Recap

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