#837: Doubt And Decision Do Not Mix [WOYG Podcast]

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The biggest breakthroughs in all our lives happen when me make definite decisions: What we’ll no longer tolerate, what must change, what we’re gonna do right now.

Problem is, our fear of losing, missing out, and fear of risk plant seeds of doubt and indecision in our minds, hampering our decision making muscle. Today, we fix that.

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2:08 Today’s Topic: Doubt And Decision Do Not Mix

2:21 People have struggle with this all the time

3:32 Decision cuts out any other possibilities

4:23 The more decisions you make the more actions you take, the more action you take the more you put yourself in the path of possibly getting lucky

4:48 Point I: Doubt is the feeling a feeling of uncertainty or lack of decision. Decision is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration

6:48 Point II: We achieve breakthroughs only after we have made decisions

7:17 A Breakthrough is when you are struggling about something and then you finally figure things out

9:21 When a decision is made, you will continue preparing for the luck that you’re hoping to happen

10:14 8 Mile, Eminem’s life story and how he turned his situation around by making a decision

14:21 Point III: Adele shelved her second album because she was not feeling inspired, had a breakup, and took the energy from the tragedy and decided to share it to the public by making an album which sold millions around the world

17:09 The decision she made and the performance she did after the decision made her name famous

17:27 Recap

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