#841: Let The Fools Talk While You Keep Working [WOYG Podcast]

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We live in voyeuristic world now, where we can watch and observe people, never do anything ourselves, and never feel bored while doing so. I don’t think you have that specific issue, but many do — and they’ll have a lot to say.  

Today’s show is about maintaining your focus on what matters — your work — while the fools talk.

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2:18 Today’s Topic: Let The Fools Talk While You Keep Working

2:40 The energy we spend talking, watching, or thinking about what others got going on is mental energy we can use to get to that place

3:07 Point I: When you’re doing the thing, you don’t have to talk about it

3:45 According to Derek Sivers TED Talk, when people speak on their goals, they lose a little bit of motivation each time

5:02 Anyone who is not actively involved in achieving your goal doesn’t need to know what they are

5:32 Point II: The Principle of delayed gratification

7:18 The kids who could not hold of eating the marshmallow ended up being in worst states in life

8:33 Delayed gratification is waiting for things to get done before telling someone

10:50 Point III: When you have the right work ethic, and you’re working on the right things, results will follow – guaranteed

13:05 Are you mentally tough to do it?

13:42 Look in the mirror and make some decision about how you’re gonna do your work differently, how you can accept delayed gratification

13:58 Recap

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