#846: True Confidence: Disconfirming Yourself [WOYG Podcast]

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A true expert, one who is fully sure of his ability not to always be right, but to get things right, looks for reasons why he might be wrong, the blind spots in her strategy. Today you’ll learn how to use this yourself.

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2:29 Today’s Topic: True Confidence: Disconfirming Yourself

2:52 Episode is inspired by The Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb

4:06 When playing chess you always think – If I make this move, how is this a bad move?

5:25 There will absolutely times in the podcast when one thing will be said that contradicts another topic. You need to be wise enough to know when to use the information, and when not to

8:48 Point I: Amateurs and rookies look for reasons why their actions or ideas are right

9:37 Human beings are wired for confirmation bias

12:02 Point II: When Tim Ferris, the writer of the 4-Hour Book series writes, he sends a chapter of his book to a person he trusts and asks, “What will you get rid of?”

14:01 When creating something, Dre asks “What is something I can improve on?”

17:50 Point III: Disconfirming yourself means the ability to look at the world to find signs that stroke one’s ego

19:34 Once you build your confidence up, you can look at yourself in the mirror and ask what you are ignoring

20:21 How accountable are you holding yourself?

21:34 Recap

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