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We have social media now — anyone can get popular, and fast! This is the exact thing many athletes have been asking me about for years: Quick, almost-overnight results. It’s available now.

Today’s show is about making sure that, along with that popularity, you’re a person of substance with something to offer behind the fame — because anyone or anything can knock you off the front page tomorrow.

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2:31 Today’s Topic: Popularity: A Drug to Not Overdose On

2:49 Popularity is the state of being liked, admired, or supported by many people 

4:36 Point I: Social media has trended everything towards free 

6:12 People get into creating content online are looking for an opportunity to become popular 

6:51 Point II: Studies have shown that people will go to the extremes for their desire to be seen or valued  

7:51 Desires are something we secretly crave 

11:46 Point III: Every human being has a currency and a price 

13:02 When you know what another person’s currency is, now you know another person’s motivations 

13:43 When you know someone’s motivations, you know how to get what you want 

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15:54 Point IV: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be popular, just make sure you have substance and real value beneath it 

17:43 Recap 


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