#860: The Power Of Repetition [WOYG Podcast]

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Any skilled professional knows repetition well: You don’t get good at anything without doing it a lot to become good and then stay good. Today’s show details what repetition will do for you.

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2:54 Today’s Topic: The Power Of Repetition

4:06 Point I: All skills are all developed through repetition

6:00 Imagine if you took something you really want to be good at, and you did it so often that you did it on auto-pilot

6:57 It needs to be part of your schedule so you do not need to think about when you’ll get the repetition in

9:01 Point II: Your mindset is only changed and new ideas are only accepted by the subconscious mind by repeating it over and over

9:20 If you have a mindset that is not serving you, and you want to change your thoughts, you need to replace that with something that you have a habit of repeating

11:19 This process takes time

11:54 If you don’t have The Mental Workbook, get it at www.dreallday.com/workbook

15:11 We change how we think by 1 – having an emotionally charged event and 2 – by repeating any thought or idea to yourself often enough

17:51 Point III: Repetition build habits and habits make us

18:15 Listen to www.dreallday.com/783 to learn how to develop quality habits

18:33 Listen to www.dreallday.com/146 to learn how to treat your your habits as your employees

19:27 Recap

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