#895: Amazon’s 14 Principles of Leadership, Pt. 1 [WOYG Podcast]

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Amazon is growing fast, and doing their best to take over every aspect of our daily lives. In this two-part series, we cover the leadership principles expected to be exuded by people in leadership positions working for the company.

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2:56 Today’s Topic: 14 Leadership Principles of Amazon Part 1

4: 45 Point I: Customer Obsession

5:13 The person you give value and get value in exchange

6:37 You need to know who your customer is. It is your job to satisfy in order to for you to continue receiving value

6:59 Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsessed over customers

7:53 Point II: Ownership

8:51 If you’re a leader and you have taken ownership, everything is your job

9:07 Nothing is not your job. You take full ownership of everything going on around you

9:14 Point III: Invent and Simplify

9:44 When you’re doing something new and hasn’t been accepted yet, people may have negative things to say about you

11:06 Point IV: Leaders Are Right, A Lot

13:22 A leader is right a lot, maybe wrong sometimes but often they’re right because they have strong judgment and they good instinct, skills and work on their gam

13:31 Point V: Learn and Be Curious

15:57 A leader is always looking for ways to make themselves better and make the people around them better

16:06 Point VI: Hire and Develop the Best

16:42 Leaders breed more Leaders

18:26 You’re only a leader when you are grooming up other people who can come up under you and do just as well as you

19:04 Point VII: Leaders Insist on the Highest Standard

19:30 Leaders ensure that defects do no get sent down the line and that problems are fixed

21:17 A leader’s job is to get the best out of you and get the most out of you

21:21 Recap


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