#897: Ideas: What You Can Do If It’s Not Playing Sports [WOYG Podcast]

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The Process of playing sports at the professional level is like a funnel: Wide entrance (amateur level), and narrow exit (the pros). And not everyone can make it; there aren’t enough spots. So, today I’ll share some ideas of what you can do if it’s not gonna be sports.

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3:01 Today’s Topic: Ideas: What You Can Do With Your Life If It’s Not Playing Sports

4:47 Point I: You can teach Teamwork and Leadership

6:13 Mine your Experiences

7:44 Point II: You can help guide the careers of others who can’t make it

9:54 Anything in life that you’ve been good at that has worked well for you but you know others for whom it has not work, it has not produced the kind of results they need and you know how to do it, do it for them! Teach and offer it to them

12:56 Point III: Train people in a way that’s Unique

14:03 What can you do to specialize what other people are doing?

15:40 Point IV: You have to earn your spot in these industries just as you would as an athlete

15:57 You gotta prove that you’re actually worth something

16:58 Point V: You must come from a place wanting to provide actual value to another person

18:11 Point VI: There is a lane that is wide open for any individual who really cares and has the skill to deliver

18:49 There’s a lane wide open for you. The opportunity is there for you. You gotta be willing to invest in yourself

19:52 Recap


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