#902: How To Control Your “Reaction” Impulse [WOYG Podcast]

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Attention spans have shortened dramatically the last few years. People have been conditioned to react to everything that happens — and if the reaction isn’t fast enough, according to some people, someone has done something wrong. In direct person-to-person interactions, our emotions sometimes moves us to react when a response would better serve us. Today’s show is made to help you get that under control.


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2:52 Today’s Topic: How to control your “reaction” impulse

4:01 It’s unhealthy to just react to things instead of responding to things

5:54 Point I: Don’t take anything personally. Stop thinking that everything is about you.

6:21 Read the book “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by don Miguel Ruiz

9:13 Point II: The powerful man controls circumstance and is never controlled by circumstance

11:13 When you’re allowing someone else to control you, you become a pawn

12:10 Point III: Reaction impulse stems from a need to always ‘win’

15:45 Lose battles, Win the wars. You don’t have to win every single thing in life. When you’re not taking things personally, your ego is not bruised by a situation where you  did not ‘win’

15:53 Point IV: Controlling your emotions. Never ever allow your emotions to be your steering wheel

18:07 Recap


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