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The Third Day is any tough stretch — a day, a week, a year — where it’s no longer fun and new, but the job has to be done, and you’re the one who’s tasked with doing it. Many people never make it past The Third Day, but you will. Today’s show tells you exactly how it’s done.

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Congratulate yourself because you have tuned into the show where you learn the disciplines to show up. Day after day to do the work. Confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically. And the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work. Putting yourself out there even when the success the achievements you have expected to achieve had not yet occurred. But on top of all this I’m going to give you a little bit more because just having is not enough you going become the go getter with the personal initiative to go make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Putting all of this together what you get is the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day. Welcome to the show congratulate yourself on being here.

Today’s topic is how to reach the fourth day.

If you’ve been listening to me for a while read some of my stuff. Maybe see me speech on stage. You’ve heard me talk about the third day. What does that third day third day is. Any situation circumstance day moment. It could be a whole week a whole year where the newness has worn off.

You’re not as excited about the situation anymore because you’re so used to it and you know you’re not quite feeling it that day or that week or that year but it still has to get done and is your responsibility to get it done. Now you can make it through the third day is all everybody knows the third day. Now that I just described it everybody’s had a day like that. There are several people listening to this episode right now. You’re dealing with the third day is a third day right now. Today for you maybe this whole week has been a third day for you. Today we’re talking about how to get to that fourth day. What happens after the third day and I understand you had to make it through the third day giving your best effort nobody gets it a fourth day fourth day doesn’t just happen by default or if you don’t really show up on that third date and you got to the third day.

You just got to keep doing it over and over again until you get it right. Okay. Now once you make it through the third day then you get to the fourth day after you push through the hardest day things get easier for you. It’s kind of like running downhill kind of just happens after you get through the third day everything becomes a whole lot easier. I wrote about this in the daily game maybe about a month or two ago I went I was running on South Beach in Miami and it was like my heart is the hardest run I’ve had in all of 2013. Very tough run it was hot and humid outside but it’s always hot and humid. It was just physically combined my physical and my mental combined. There was no spark. There was nothing that really excited me about that particular run. It wasn’t a lot of other runners out there. I couldn’t use them as like motivation. I try to catch this person and pass them or stay in front of them. They try to catch up to me. None of that was presence for that particular run. It was a very very tough run mentally and physically but I made it through and I talked about how tough that run was and then the next week I went in did the exact same route again same distance to the same weather still hot though humid still Miami and it was so much easier to next week. And that was the fourth day I made it to the fourth day because of my ability to activate myself mentally and physically and push myself through getting through that third day and that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

How do you make it through the third day and get to the fourth fifth and every other data comes acted out when things get a whole lot easier for you. If you want to if you’re interested in that then get a pen and paper you know open a new document on your phone and make sure you take notes on what I’m saying here. Number one thing you gotta do to make it to the fourth day is you’ve got to decide on a program and do not change your program. I’ma tell you right now up front every point that I’m going to give you here today they are all very very interrelated. They all kind of connect with each other in a way that they could all just be one big point but I’m going give me a break these things down to you to a smaller more my new detail because I don’t want anybody to feel like I left anything out. I don’t want there to be any confusion at the end of today’s episode the number one thing to get through that third day to the fourth day. You got to know what your program is and don’t change the program discipline. Ladies and gentlemen these two consistency right. You would think they’re pretty much the same thing with your discipline.

You’re consistent you’re doing the same thing over and over you hopefully doing something is going to help you right. Which means you’re not changing a program every time you read a new book or you hear something new on a podcast or you see what somebody else did and it worked out for them. So now all of a sudden you want to do that thing. Then you see some miles on this. Now you want to do that then somebody else does. Now you want to do that. You got to choose what your program is and you got to stick to the program. You got to stick to the script as they say you’re an actor and answers you can’t rewrite the script every single day just because you decided you got some new inspiration or you saw something on TV or you heard somebody say something. You’ve got to figure out what your program is and just stick to the program long enough that you can actually get some results from the program and see is this working is is not working. Is this the right move. Is this not the right move. Sometimes we get off of our own programs because we get distracted looking at with somebody else. Listen there was somebody else said seeing if we should follow what somebody else is doing meet maybe some eyes getting results fast enough so we think they are based on what they’ve shown us based on the little bit that we.

Know about the situation. You got to figure out what your program is and just stick to the script stick to the program. Point number two. Today’s topic is how to get past the third day and get to the fourth day. Do the same things the same way every time. I mean it’s pretty much the definition of consistency right from point number one. The same thing the same way every time Shaquille O’Neal talked about when he was being coached by Phil Jackson on the Los Angeles Lakers the thing that he respected the most about Phil was that Phil Jackson did things the same way every single time. You knew exactly what he was gonna say. You know what he was expecting of you. You knew when you made a mistake that he was gonna call you out on a certain mistake because you knew he was always gonna notice it. He trained himself and then he got his players do the same thing doing things the exact same way fundamentally. Every single time that we or at least based on the way that Phil Jackson wanted to coach the team based on the way that he wanted his players to play doing the same things the same way every time. First of all makes you you become consistent in what you’re doing. So again hopefully you’re doing something constructive that’s helping you. You also become reliable because people now know all right. We know Mike’s going to show up at 630 every day or we know Lisa’s going to make this phone call every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

you when you become reliable. People started depending on you. Think about it. anywhere in your life where you’re being dependent on it’s because you’re reliable you do certain things the same way every time. Over and over again and people come to know you for it right. People come to expect it from you. And when people rely on you because of your consistency you’re dependent on it and people are willing to give you what you want in order to continue that consistency in order for you to keep showing up doing their job every single day people will pay you money right because they know that they know you’re going to show up and they know you can sell a certain number of products they’ll pay you a certain salary. I give you a certain Commissioner give you a raise when you ask for it because they know what they’re gonna get for you. They know they’re going to get a bottom line result when people knowingly get a bottom line result from you. They will pay in whatever form pay comes for you whether that’s your attention someone’s friendship whether is money admiration whatever happens to be whatever you value. Maybe you can be a combination of all of those being consistent sticking to the script. No one thinks the same way the same the same time every single time makes people come to depend and rely on you and people dependent on you.

You can tell them you can start dictating the terms of engagement what you want from them in order for you to keep company with your consistency and reason why you’re able to do that. Because so few people are actually consistent. But I want to give you a disclaimer about this point. Number two doing the same things the same way every single sound does sound kind of monotonous. the same kind of tedious can’t they get boring any of you do the same any certain things the same way the same time every single day it gets boring gets tedious and some days you’re just in a mental haze does you in a mental fall because you’ve done it so many times you don’t really have to think about it here we go again doing the same thing over and over again. This is the reason why many people never reach excellence in anything because they’re unable to deal with the tedium the boredom that comes with doing things over and over again the exact same way I believe it was Bruce Lee who said I don’t fear the man who has practiced a thousand different kicks I fear the man who has practiced the same kick 1000 times and what is Bruce Lee saying the person who’s done the same thing the same way so many times get so great at doing that. One thing that that’s all they need. It doesn’t have to be just one thing. It could be ten things you’ve done so many times the same way but it’s not about doing all these different things and eating all is variety and change just for the sake of change.

It is about you mastering your craft whatever your craft is of your craft is writing books. If your craft is doing a podcast. If your craft is being a coach. If your craft is lifting weights if your craft is playing baseball whatever your craft is if you do it over and over again deal with that tedium that monotony that boredom. That’s how you reach the level of excellence that’s the only way you can reach it. It doesn’t guarantee that you will because you might not know what you’re doing and be doing something consistently. But as long as you know what you’re doing or you have someone around you who does that is the path to excellence. That’s the only road you can take to get to excellence. You don’t take that route. It is impossible for you to reach excellence. Too many people have this need for newness that is need for stimulation that is need for variety. They can’t deal with doing the same stuff. When I would play basketball and I’ve told this sometimes that I would play ball and I’d be doing a drill either a drill or b playing to my one on one in a game and I would do the same move or shoot the same shot from the same spots over and over again and people would sometimes leave a comment.

Derisive comment like well that’s not that impressive because you’re just doing the same move or you’re just doing the same thing. Well that’s the damn point. That’s the whole point is doing the same thing over and over again. First of all if is effective you should be doing the same thing and secondly is not about it there being some us variety is not about pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Every single time is not about you performing some magic trick every time you do your job. You should be effective enough if you are working on your game. You have skill in your discipline and consistent effective enough that a few things will continuously work over and. Over and over again as long as you stick to your script as long as you stick to your program. Changing only what you need to not just for the sake of change. When I would post basketball Dre on YouTube back in the day and I know are some people listening or watching who watch those basketball drills. It would seem like if people were watching it every day that I was just ponies. Just different drills out every single day I was doing all these different things and all these routines and these moves. But it wasn’t really the way that it seemed. I had a routine for how I was actually doing those even though it seemed like I was doing something different. Every single video every single drill every day there was a routine for that.

There was a program I knew exactly what the the progression was. I’m I’m working on this move now to do this first then I’ll do this. It was like a 30 move progression that I have for every single drill that I put out and I was only giving you what two to three minute video every single day. What was I doing the rest of the time that I was in the gym. I was doing the same things over and over and over again every single day. I could have had ten times the videos that I had if I wanted to put out the same move every single day if I want to show myself doing the same 010 everyday for a thousand days straight. I could have but it would have been the exact same Dre YouTube might have flagged it and said Hey Dre you already put this video up there is the exact same thing you put up yesterday yes I did. That’s what I was doing every single day. The majority of my time was just doing the same routines over and over again. Then it was the few things that would be a little bit different. Those are the things that are shown to the audience because listen the spectators need to be stimulated. Point number 3. Today’s topic is how to make it through the third day and get yourself to the fourth day. You must have a consistent schedule and as I told you all these points are very interrelated.

What does it mean when I say have a consistent schedule set your schedule reflects your Priorities USA any by you U.S. anybody you know someone who is disciplined. What are your priorities in life. Let them tell you what their priorities are and then you look at their schedule and your schedule will say the exact same thing they just said out of their mouths. That’s the way it works when you have serious priorities. Your schedule reflects those priorities and when you’re as you look at somebody’s schedule whether they know it or not you’re looking at that person’s priorities every single time I heard somebody say once. If you show me your calendar I’ll show you your life. You show me your daily planner what you’re doing on a day to day basis. I’ll tell you exactly what your life is like. I’ll tell you exactly where your life is not tell you what’s working for you what’s not working for you where you’re getting success where you’re not getting success. Someone said I can predict where you’ll be in five years based on looking at your schedule just based on looking at what your priorities on your priorities are based on what you do with your time right. We know that life is made up of time. We can lose money we can lose friends we lose information and we can gain all those things in short and long periods of time but when we lose time everything’s over.

Our time is the one thing that makes up life.

So when you look at how somebody is using their time where they’re allocating the most important resource being time most valuable resource being time. Now you know what they’re serious about. Now you know they care about somebody tells you that they want to lose weight and get in shape. Then you look at their schedule for a whole week and you’ll see any time they go to the gym. Is it really a priority. No they’re just talking about it. They’re thinking about it. Maybe they really do want to lose weight but it’s not serious enough. They don’t need to do it enough to put it on their schedule. They don’t need to do it enough to put it on a calendar. What is your schedule and is it consistent. What are the things that you’re consistently putting in your skills. I’m not saying you will be able to do the exact same thing every day. You might work in a kind of job where you’re in different places every day or week and B I know people who travel they travel to this country and travel to this city and I got to travel at that place is not the same place they go to every single week. All right they’re going to different places but there are things that are consistently in their schedule like spending time with my kids spending time with my significant other making sure I go to the gym giving myself time for readings or enrichment listening to the Work On Your Game Podcast. What is consistently in your show doesn’t want a day to day basis.

Those are the things that are your priority. Not saying that there won’t be changes and things that you do differently every day with life. The only thing constant is change. But what are those. What are the consistencies in your schedule. You can predict your future you want to know what your future is. Look at your calendar. Point number 4. Today’s topic is how to make it through the third day and get to the fourth day. Do what you are supposed to be doing your script. Follow your script even when the conditions are not ideal for you following your script. Even when the conditions are not perfectly attuned to you doing what it is you want to do a runner someone who’s a serious runner. Maybe a professional runner or they run marathons two three times a year a person who’s serious about running even if it’s raining outside. They’re going to put their shoes on a gonna go out and run. I mean a worse name. What’s the worst thing is going to happen soon. He’s just going to get wet. Running on a sweat anyway. An athlete. playing a sport. If you’re playing on a team you’ve got to practice every day. Even when you’re injured not injured. But even when you’re sore even when you’re not feeling great not when you’re injured and when you’re sore you’re hurt you’re not feeling great. You didn’t get enough sleep the night before you had a game the other day. You’re not feeling perfect. You still got to go out and practice.

There’s this TV show on HBO over year called Hard Knocks. Many of you know about this show documents they follow. They pick a specific team each year and a follow that team through training camp. It’s basically a documentary series A following a team as they get ready for their upcoming season through training camp and at the I believe it was the first episode of this year’s season which was following the Cleveland Browns is a player named Jarvis Landry.

He’s a wide receiver. He used to play for Miami Dolphins. Now he’s with the Cleveland Browns. I gave him a big contract in the offseason and in this episode I didn’t even watch the whole episode I just saw his clip and got passed around on social media where a manager was speaking to the other wide receivers in the room. and the message that Landry was given. You can Google this. Look up the video watch it for yourself. He was saying listen if you are not injured. All right if your hamstring is not fallen off of your thigh bone. If you’re not injured to the point that you can’t walk or you can’t actually stand up and get on the field if you’re not that level of injury you need to be in practice every single day. You’re not sitting out practice because you’re sore. You’re not sitting on practice because you’re tired not sit not practice because you have some things on your mind and you want to use some part of your body as an quote unquote injury as an excuse. We’re not doing it here anymore because it’s contagious. Anybody who chooses to sit out even when they’re not injured they could play but they choose and not practice. That’s that laziness is a is a disease that is going to infect everybody else in the locker room.

We can’t do that here anymore. The message he was given was even when the conditions aren’t ideal even when you don’t feel perfect you don’t feel great and things are just not going away did you want him. Do you still do what you signed up to do. If you’re a parent I know there are a lot of parents who listen to this podcast listen every day you don’t always feel like dealing with your kids but you do. Why. Because you’re committed you are committed to do. You made a commitment when you decide to have children or when you or when you. What’s the word I’m looking for. You agreed to move on with having children once you found out you’d be having a parent deals with the kids even when it’s higher even when they don’t feel like it even when the kids are getting on your nerves even when you would rather be sleepy you don’t deal with that kid. Those of you who have dealt with newborn children your newborn child that’s out wakes up at an opportune time. All right. CRYING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. YOU’VE GOT TO GET SOME SLEEP. YOU AN IMPORTANT MEETING IN THE MORNING.

You barely got any sleep the night before but you got to go deal with that child. Why. Because you’re doing it even when conditions aren’t ideal because you made a commitment to do whatever it is you signed up to do the pony and Bonaparte. There was once a he was talking to one of his generals. There was a a battle or a siege that Napoleon and his army were set to. execute the next day. And one of the generals came to Napoleon and let him know he said sir. Conditions the weather conditions are not ideal for us to execute this siege tomorrow as planned. So maybe we should change our schedule maybe we should do it a different day you know maybe we should delay maybe we should hold back and Napoleon looked at his general he says circumstances he said Hell I make circumstances I don’t wait for circumstances I don’t negotiate with circumstances I am the creator of circumstance when Napoleon was saying was that we’re going to do what we’re going to do even if and when the conditions are not ideal and if you want to make it through the third day and gets it the fourth day that third day usually things aren’t ideal.

That’s what makes it a third day. Right. That is not ideal doesn’t feel great. You’re not excited about it if you make it through then you go to the fourth day and that’s when you are quote unquote running downhill and everything else gets a lot easier but you will never experience the fourth day until you’re able to fight through the third day. And that’s why I told hot. That’s why I’m telling you here today how to set yourself up how to condition yourself to be ready to fight through every third that you get to because you will get to a third that you might be but one right now. Let’s recap today’s topic which is how to get to that fourth day how to reach the fourth day. Number one decide on a program and do not change it. Know what your program is. You have to have a strategy stick to their strategy regardless of what is going on regardless of what everybody else is doing. The shiny objects that you see to your left and to your right do what it is you signed up to do regardless of how you’re feeling about anybody else’s stuff.

Point number two do the same things the same way every time. It will be monotonous will be tedious it’ll be boring and that’s the exact reason why many people never reach excellence because they can’t deal with monotony tedium and boredom. Deal with it do it anyway. It’s supposed to be like that point number three have a consistent schedule your schedule reflects your priorities you want to know where you’re going to be a. Five years ago as a daily planner and see what you’re doing on a consistent basis every single day and number four do what you’re supposed to do even when the conditions are not ideal. A runners going to run even if it’s raining outside. A pro athlete is going to practice even when they’re her parents going to take care of kids even when they didn’t get enough sleep. Why. Because they’re committed as they’re professionals and they are the people who deal with the third days and always make it through to the fourth day. You want to be that person. Now you’ve got the formula to do it work on your game. Dre All Day. Scott.


3:02 Today’s Topic: How To Reach The Fourth Day

5:35 Point I: Decide on a program and do not change it

6:06 You gotta know what your program is and don’t change the program. Discipline leads to consistency

7:18 Point II: Do the same things the same way every time

8:21 When you become reliable, people start to depend on you

9:37 Disclaimer: Monotonous & Repetitive. The reason why many people never reach excellence in anything because they are unable to deal with the boredom that comes with doing things over and over again the exact same way

10:40 It’s about you mastering your crafts!

13:32 Point III: You must have a consistent schedule

13:46 Your schedule reflects your priorities

16:06 Point IV: Do what you’re supposed to be doing, follow your script even when the conditions are not ideal for you following your script

19:52 We’re gonna do what we’re gonna do even if and when the conditions are not ideal (Napoleon Bonaparte)

20:26 Recap


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