#909: Give Yourself Permission To Make A Bold Move [WOYG Podcast]

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All of us have bold ideas. We’ve all envisioned how we could do some bold shit and how redeeming it would feel to do or say it. But for most of us, all that bold thinking stays just that: Thinking. Our fear of what might happen if we dare go “too far” keeps us on the porch, so to speak, for all of life. Today’s show will help you actually bring those bold ideas to your real life.

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2:59 Today’s Topic: How To Give Yourself Permission To Make Bold Moves In Your Life

8:23 Point I: Mentally map what you would do in the worse case scenario

10:40 We have perseverance, we have determination, we can make it through things that we never thought we could make it through when everything is comfortable

10:59 Point II: The controller and dictator  of your destiny in life, is you

12:50 You are the one who has to live with the result. Therefore, you’re the one who has to decide your destiny. You’re the one who has to decide what actions you’re going to take

13:33 Point III: Look at the ‘reality’ of the situation

18:05 If you don’t take any bold actions, the rest of your life and everything just continues on the path that is on right now, where are you headed? where will you head up? are you alright with that?

20:01 Recap


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