#912: Can Too Much Discipline Can Be A Detriment To You? YES [WOYG Podcast]

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Some of us struggle with discipline, namely staying disciplined all the time and keeping on track. Today I’ll tell you why trying to be super-disciplined all the time, if that’s not your normal MO, is probably hurting you. Listen up and help yourself find a comfortable balance.

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3:41 Today’s Topic: Ways Discipline being Militaristic Disciplined Can Hurt You

4:09 Being disciplined does not mean being perfect. It’s okay to not be perfect when it comes to discipline

8:04 Point I: When you feel like you have to be super disciplined all the time, we feel like we always to abide by it and we forget we could step outside of it

10:44 Point II: People come to expect certain things, set behaviors from you when you’re a very disciplined individual. Being spontaneous becomes a foreign thing that we don’t even consider to be an option anymore

11:31 When we are very disciplined, we get a reputation for it … People associate you with the thing you’re always doing

13:12 Point III: We sometimes forget to just live and not be sold by the book all the time. It’s okay to step outside the regime

13:25 When we’re always by the book, we set in our own minds we make this box and box ourselves into it and we can’t do anything outside of it not because we can’t but because we never really thought about it

14:18 Give yourself permission to live life. Doing what you want to do at the moment. Living how you want to live. Being okay with not being perfect

14:43 Point IV: Discipline could feel like you’re running on a treadmill that doesn’t have a control pad

17:49 Recap


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