#914: How To Become A Polished Speaker or Presenter [WOYG Podcast]

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Public presentation skills are a necessary skill for anyone in or aiming for a position of leadership: You need to get your point across to groups of people clearly and directly. Today you’ll learn how to make it look, and sound, easy (though getting there won’t be easy).

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3:39 Today’s Topic: How To Become A Polished Speaker

5:20 Point I: Talk about the things that you know

5:53 If you don’t know what you’re talking about you cannot help anybody else

6:09 You gotta have something to give if you wanna give to other people

9:10 Point II: Work On Your Game. Practice!

9:19 You wanna be polished at anything, you gotta practice

11:08 People are expecting a certain level from you when their money’s involved. You better be good!

13:43 Point III: You must get live “game experience”!

14:45 Get your experience and get better at it. There is no substitute for actual experience

14:53 Point IV: Learn stories that can blend with your information

15:29 You gotta learn how to blend stories into what you’re talking about

16:03 Have some stories that are relatable to your point or relatable to your audience

17:09 Stories are good space eaters in your talk

18:57 Recap


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