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This episode is inspired both by my love of the game of chess (play the strategy and long-term thinking the game requires) and a popular video I made nearly four years ago outlining the game. This episode is much deeper, though, and will be the best content analogizing chess to life in existence.

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3:37 Today’s Topic: The Parallels between Chess and Life.

5:22 Point I: Thinking several steps ahead of your actions.

6:17 Point II: The winner in the game of chess is the person who’s able to see further into the future than their opponent.

9:43 Point III: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

10:15 If anything in the game of chess appears to be free, Beware!

10:58 Point IV: Strategy: You need to have a complete plan, mapped out in your mind from point A to point C.

11:21 Every single move you make has a rhyme and a reason.

11:45 You need to know why you’re doing the things that you’re doing.

12:54 Play the ‘Long Game’.

13:45 You are not being controlled by circumstance, you are controlling circumstance.

14:19 Point V: How the pieces in the game of chess work: Everyone of us in our lives becomes a piece on the chess board.

18:21 Do not be a ‘pawn’ in life.

19:10 Point VI: The King is a delegator.

20:32 Point VII: The Queen.

22:30 Point VIII: The Bishop, Knight and the Rook.

23:16 Point IX: Developing your pieces.

24:14 You wanna put every piece that you have in a position to where it can actually do something.

25:19 Figure out where you need to be and what you need to do to get the most out of the game.

25:28 How much time are you spending developing your ‘pieces’ in life?

25:32 Point X: Occupy the middle ground.

25:56 When you’re at the center of things, you’re running the show.

28:30 Point XI: Touch a man, move a man.

29:06 Before you move a piece and take action, ask the question “Is this move putting me in a better space to play my game?”.

29:46 Point XII: When your opponent makes a move, assume that this person has a strategy behind it.

30:29 Do not get arrogant.

33:01 Point XIII: Opportunity calls.

34:11 Point XIV: Finish the job.

34:47 You must complete the job that you started, otherwise it does not count.

35:18 You gotta have a ‘killer instinct’ to finish every job.

35:27 Point XV: Baiting your opponent.

35:55 Use your opponent’s arrogance against them.

36:52 Point XVI: K.Y.P. (Know Your Personnel)

39:36 Point XVII: Seeing the big picture.

40:20 Point XVIII: When you are able to outthink your opponent, their resources can be neutralized and even used against them.

40:41 When you can outthink your opponent regardless of their resources, skills, talent, and experience you can beat them with their own stuff.

41:11 Recap


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