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People often forget how you started something if your finish is ugly. Though the primacy bias if real, the recency is even more real. We have strong mental connections to the last thing we saw, felt or experienced. So while you do want to start strong, today I’ll share with you how to be prepared to finish even stronger.

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[Transcript] #926: How To Finish Stronger Than You Started

Graduates of cell phone tuning into the show where you learn the disciplines show what day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work. Putting yourself out there even when the success you thought you would have achieved by now has not yet been achieved. And on top it is there is more. You get personal initiative. Go get her energy to go make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Putting all this together you get the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day. Welcome again to the show. This the first time here. You’re in the right place at the right time as today’s topic. And even if it’s not your first time here you’re still in the right place at the right time. Today’s topic is how to finish stronger than you started.

How do you have that finishing kick that is even better than the beginning kick.

How can you be the if any of you ever watched a relay race at the Olympics or some international competition or if any of you are in the track and field. How can you have that anchor leg in a relay race with multiple people right. You got the anchor leg is usually the fastest person the person if you watch let’s say international competition and you don’t really follow track and field like that. Somebody like myself they’ll put the fastest guy. Got it. You heard of or the girl that you’ve heard of who’s won individual races and they have all these medals and they’re well known they’re usually the last person to run they’re the finisher that is finishing strong and in the race even began.

Now how can you become masters make you the whole relay team. You’re all four people in that relay race. How can your last leg at a race be strong in your opening leg at a race. I mean it’s not like you’re not trying hard at the first second and third stages of it but how can you be even.

How can you be that great even at the end. In sports this is the fourth quarter or late in the season maybe a fourth quarter and a football or basketball game in the last five minutes of a game or the two minute drill in a football game and business as the fourth quarter. Any of the fiscal year that you’re in or when you’re on deadline how can you finish strong and you started. Now while that moment itself of being at the end. Are this the fourth quarter. There are some athletes out there who when he gets to the fourth quarter or the ninth inning or the end of the game or whatever is constituting in the 12th round of a boxing match there’s some athletes actually many athletes especially those who perform at a higher level who just that moment alone is going to provide you a certain amount of energy the moment alone is gonna get you excited because you know this is your opportunity and there are some times where an athlete chokes at that clutch moment or that late game moment but many times you’re going to perform an every game moments probably how you became known in the first place. That’s how you got to playing at a high level in the first place. Now. what is some other things though. What we’re going to talk about here today is not how to use the moment because the moment. provides the energy on his own. You only had to think about it but what are some other things that you can do to be even better prepared to finish stronger than you started.

That’s what we’re talking about here today. Point number one. you must be ready for more than you expect to need. be more prepared for.

What is coming than what you actually need to be prepared for. So for example rough example if you know you’re going to be running a five mile race prepare to run seven miles. So running five miles you’ll be very easy for you. You know it is a four quarter basketball game. Prepare for five quarters if you know you got a 10 round boxing match prepare for 15 round boxing match that way when you get to the actual end of a real competition. Your body’s not even that tired your mind is not that’s our Your Spirit is not that tired because you’ve trained yourself for way more than what you expect. Whatever it is you need get more than that. In football I don’t follow football that closely but if any of you have ever watched video of let’s say a football team at any level in a training camp or in practice sometimes you’ll see a wide receiver or running back they’ll get the ball on a plate and they’re working on in practice and they make the catch or they do the run and then they run the ball all the way to the end zone as if they’re scoring a touchdown but is only in practice they might not be any defense they might not need begonias defense just the offense playing dummy offense working on the police and even if they are going as defense the player will get the ball then they could be at the 20 their own 20 yard line 80 yards away from the end zone and then they’ll run it all the way to the end zone as if to score a touchdown Now why does a player do that.

I never asked the football player this question but I would assume it means that they are conditioning themselves to take every time that they touch the ball all the way to the end zone for it’s us in a condition themselves to run for it’s us now because I mean think about it when a wide receiver or running back gets the ball in a football game their goal is the score with us now right their goal is not to get tackle their goal is not to run out of bounds most of the time their goal was to score a touchdown and if they can score a touchdown they’re gonna go score a touchdown so they’re conditioning themselves to do even more than they’ll probably be able to do I mean running backs knocking scorer. Now every time he gets the ball in an actual football game then wide receivers knocking score it’s us. Now every time they make a catch but they’re conditioning themselves to be ready to do that every single time because that’s the outcome that they expect scoring every time running full speed all the way.

And there are sometimes I’ve heard even I’ve seen videos where I’ve heard coaches manager player of a hey why are you stopping right here. You’ve got you caught the ball and God tells you why you stopped running all the way to the endzone. Don’t just do the five yard run running back run it all the way to the end zone because really conditioning yourself to score every single time you touch the ball. Mentally be ready for it physically be ready for it getting tackled is a mistake. All right. In the game of football and running again if you’re going to be running a five mile race. Be prepared to run seven miles and when you get the mile five is easy. So you can push as hard as you possibly need. You could take all that extra two miles of energy that you’re not going to need in a race because the race is only five miles and put that into that last mile or the last two miles in the last half of the race or whatever is going to be preparing yourself for more than you need. I once heard Michael Jordan say that before a game he liked to eat.

I believe it was steak a steak dinner. He liked to eat as his meal before a game because his thing was it needs to be around in fourth quarter whatever it was that he. It needed to still be in him. So he has an energy so he has some burn for the fourth quarter of a game and something I’ve heard about Mike was that he will go into a game and he would. His mindset was I just need my teammates to get me to the fourth quarter or get me to the last five minutes of the game and that’s when I’m a take over and I’m a do Michael Jordan things. And then we’re gonna go out and win this game. But you got to be prepared in every way possible every way necessary to be ready for more than you needs. And when you get to the end you have plenty of energy. You probably have enough energy go play another game even after it is over any kind of game doesn’t have to be a sport. Point number two. Today’s topic is how to finish stronger than you started. Second thing you had to do is have a full understanding of the task in front of you. A full understanding not that you know what it is not that you’ve seen it before. Not even that you’ve done it before but you must have a full understanding of everything that is going on in the task in front of you.

That way you can strategize you can plan and strategize your energy plan and strategize your process plan and strategize your work in order to get the most out of you and to maximize that opportunity and do what it is you got to do. For example when I ran my first marathon in January of 2017 there was something that I had not considered. Now I knew what a marathon was. I knew it was going to be running and there was nothing else involved a straight line running. I had it. I knew what the path was. They had put out the map. This is the map of the race. I had basically run every street that they had in there. Not all at once but I had been to every street there so I wasn’t concerned about the terrain or where we will be going or anything like that. I knew this this is twenty six point two miles. I had a pretty good idea of the weather it was pretty cold it is 50 degrees in Miami that day which is super ridiculously cold for my email things ever been a call in the 10 years that I’ve been living here and there was that one day it was raining also which I had an idea would.

I didn’t like that but I knew that would be happening. I had an understanding of rain and understanding other weather had clothing appropriate clothing forward I even had a pair of gloves I ran a race with gloves on because it was so damn cold. I had a long sleeve shirt long sleeve pants all it. So I was ready for that. I knew there would be about 20000 25000 people running a race. I knew that. So I had a pretty good understanding of most of what was going on. Here’s the thing that I didn’t know I didn’t anticipate or even consider it never even crossed my mind to think damn maybe the Miami Marathon was not going to let all 25000 people start running at the exact same time. I never thought about it. I never considered it. Nobody told me. I didn’t ask. I didn’t google it. I didn’t see anything about that. I would’ve found out had I thought of thinking of it but I never thought of it. I didn’t realize it was the marathon with that many people what they do is that they put people into groups. I don’t know how they figure out the groups with people who haven’t run one before but they put people into groups and then they release each group like a BY WHAT IS IT.

WHAT’S THE WORD I’M LOOKING FOR. Like in a in period. So they’ll release group egos and then they go ten minutes go by so group they can get out en route and then group B goes in ten more minutes then group C and group B. And when I looked at my racing bid the day of the race as well I’m walking up to the finish to start line to start the race on my arm. Now we’ve got to start this race some other go runners twenty six point two miles. I walked all the way up to the front and what I realized is that they had these beans they had each group like a not a cage but it was a barricade in between each one and there was a security guard at the front of the entrance so you can only get in if you were assigned to that group. And so I went all the way up the group. Like Hey this is where I’m supposed to be running. I know I’m in group. But then I looked at my racing but it was a security guard at that and said No you’re in group.

I yes I was in the ninth letter of the alphabet and I’m like man.

And I hadn’t even noticed that I knew I hadn’t even thought. What that might mean if at any significance I didn’t know there were groups that didn’t know her about you know anything. So now my race my twenty six point two mile race didn’t start until 90 minutes after I thought it was going to begin. So my timing was off. My stretching starts and I was ready. I ran so many times leading up to the race. I mean half of the six months I’ve been running getting ready for his race so I knew exactly what my thing was. Eat my bananas do my shirts and then two minutes later I’m taken off and run.

So now at two minutes I did everything else the same the two minutes guys stretched into 90 minutes that threw my whole timing off threw everything out on top of it being cool on top of it being rainy through the whole situation also. Therefore I violated this rule. I didn’t have a full understanding of the task in front me is one little thing that I hadn’t considered that I didn’t know and it messed me up.

Now if you’re in direct competition you’ve got to know what your opponent likes to do know what your opponent plans to do. Have an idea of what your opponent’s strategy may be and then maybe you can use that strategy against them. Muhammad Ali was fighting George Foreman. Yes the guy with the grill was fighting George Foreman and only remember what year it was. These two were fighting but everyone knew that there was no way we could win because George Foreman was known as the most menacing tough hardest punching heavyweight fighter. There was maybe the hardest punching heavyweight fighter there ever had been Muhammad Ali though he was a heavyweight and though he was very good people knew his time. Jamal he was not a heavy puncher. He didn’t pack a lot of power into his punches his knee his whole thing was speed right. Moving his feet dance like a butterfly sting like a bee that was his whole thing being quick and using his speed and reaction his reflexes to beat other boxers. It wasn’t that he was almost more powerful. And people said if Ali fights for me only thing he can do is dance around the room but eventually form is gonna catch him and he’s gonna beat him up and that’s gonna be the end of Ali. He might not even survive this fight. Not not talking about boxing career survival but like literally physically surviving and beat up by George Foreman.

Your son is going to rearrange this guy’s entire brain his face and his whole life. That’s what people thought. And Ali leading up to the fight he bragged to people he boasted. OK everybody thinks that I cannot go punch for punch with George Foreman. I know everybody thinks that I’ve heard everybody saying it. People in my own camp are telling me that I can’t go punch for punch with George Foreman So this is what I’m going to do. Everybody thinks I’m gonna dance around a ring and run from Foreman and Foreman’s gonna have to chase me off. I know that’s not what we’re going to do when I fight George Foreman. I’m gonna stand toe to toe with him and I’m gonna go punch for punch with George Foreman. Now Ali even if you didn’t follow boxing you know Muhammad Ali had a reputation for being a bit of a braggart. He would brag and boast and put on a show and sometimes he was joking and sometimes he was serious you can do so he blurred the line between seriousness and joking right. So everybody I know way no way he’s going to go toe to toe perform. He’s just joking he’s being Ali he’s doing what he always does.

But he kept saying at every press conference everybody tells you he kept saying I’m on go punch from Punch and blow for blow with George Foreman. What’s what. That’s what I’m going to do. Nobody believed it leading up to the fight. Couple of days before the fight we had his corner guys loosen the ropes around the ring. And apparently those you know boxing may notice when you loosen up the ropes. That means I guess that’s an indication that you’re going to go punch for punch with somebody that you want the ropes to be loose because so you can lean back on the ropes or whatever it is gonna be. That was an indication to people in the know that Ali really was going to go punch for punch with George Foreman sort of fight begins. People still don’t believe. But the fight begins. And Ali actually did what he said he was going to do. He was standing toe to toe with George Foreman. Now George Foreman is the bigger puncher so George Foreman is the one punch out the punch. These heavy handed hits George Foreman is Tony sledge hammer punches he’s thrown at Muhammad Ali. But the thing I did was that he just leaned up against the ropes. He didn’t use the ropes that throw punches to use the ropes to lean back and just absorb all the punches.

He basically covered up his face and his body and let Foreman throw a punch at the punch. So he’s basically just hit gnarly on his arms and Ali’s blocking all the punches he’s just taken a punch as an Ali he’s talking trash. The foreman like man is all you got. That’s as hard as you can hit me like a girl. You can hit me any harder and that’s his form as though a punch out the punch at the punch. And everybody who’s watching the fight is right. He’s losing his fight. He’s barely down any punches. He’s barely thought he was down in some counters some jabs and his speed and quickness. But he was barely down any points for most all most of the punches he was doing most of the aggression. He was just leaning against the ropes is taking punch after punch blocking them but taking the punches in his corner people even Ali’s team was yelling at him like Ali get off the ropes fight. Do something. Don’t just stand there and let this guy just keep throwing punches that you’re losing the fight to the judges on the score card right now because you’re not doing anything. He’s just throwing punches at you you’re not doing anything. Eventually I believe it was the seventh round that if I may be off on the details of what’s around it was eventually George Foreman just got tired of throwing punches he threw so many punches he used all of his energy throwing all his punches as he was using knocking guys out early with his power.

Ali then started hitting back at George Foreman and George Foreman was too tired to react as quickly. And Ali ends up knocking out George Foreman. Nobody could believe it. And after a fight we called it the rope a dope night. So he basically used Ali’s he used Foreman’s strategy against him. His strategy of having all this power his strategy of or the predictions that everyone said no way we can go punch from punch with this guy. He had a full understanding of what his opponent was gonna do. And that’s the point that I’m making here for understanding what his opponent was going to do a full understanding of how to beat his opponent into doing exactly what he wanted him to do which is what the opponent wanted do as well. And then he used their whole strategy against him. So if you’re in direct competition know what your opponent likes to do you could use it against them if you’re not in direct competition. You have to understand the full terrain of what you’re doing. Even if you are understand the full terrain of what you’re getting into.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest war generals of all time was known for having this. He had a photographic memory. His mom was like a computer people with it because he could look at a map. He would pore over maps and this is back before we had no phones and things. He would look at an actual physical map even maps that were not even quite accurate. And he would have a four understands kind of why he would download the map into his mind so he could predict things he would know what the opponent was going to do he would even predict with uncanny accuracy where the final battle of a war would be and how his team would win. He would predict all this stuff ahead of time in the battles because he had this mind to just put him in and put him at a level strategically that was above the people he was going against. And we’ll top it fact that a strong army and they were. And Napoleon was a great general. He’s a great leader. Point number three. Today’s topic again is how to finish stronger than you started. Here’s the thing that you need to understand. It goes contrary to what you may have heard and maybe what you even believe it is not how you play the game.

It’s how you finish the game.

You know people say it’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game. Maybe after a game in John Wooden who was famous for saying after the game the only people who will know whether you won or lost are you. Because

Even if you wanted the scoreboard if you didn’t give your all. You don’t really win. And even if you lose on the scoreboard if you gave your all and then you didn’t win. I’m here to tell you the only thing people really remember is how finish the spectators I mean people who are around people even the people involved. We’re going to remember to finish it again. Human beings we all have these biases called primacy bias and recency bias which is what we remember the first thing we saw and we remember the last thing we saw or heard or experience or read or listen to.

Remember the first thing you remember the last thing.

So you’ve heard first impressions are hard to break right. Because the first impression we get of a situation or a circumstance or a piece of material that’s what we remember. And the last thing we see we remember that one too how you finish matters the most you can have a great game but if you fall apart in the last two minutes of the game nobody has any more energy even though you have 30 points and the team ends up losing the game. Doesn’t matter that you have 30 minute matters I mean as a scoring average might make you feel good but your team lost the game because you don’t have anything left to finish it with. So not only do you have to be good at the beginning you are bigger in the middle but all people need to remember is what happened at the end. And if you’re in a competitive sport if you’re in business you’re in a competitive sport. If you’re in sports you already know you’re in a competitive sport is every match you’re going up against somebody directly who’s trying to beat you on a matters is the win.

I mean object of playing a game is to win. Right. Isn’t that the object of a game after getting game is not to have a good game and to get a game is not to have fun. Obviously the game is not to be able to say our game. All right. And maybe all of those could be good things for you.

The number one objective of playing again is to win the game and only thing people are going to remember the most important thing people will remember is who won that game. We tend to forget what happens in the middle. We tend to forget the details of the middle of things. That’s the reason why at the end of each of these episodes even I’ve given you information I go and recap it because you probably don’t forget most of what I said And point number one. Can you tell me everything I said On point number one right now.

No you couldn’t because recency bias you can remember what I just said 30 seconds ago. You remember what I said at the top in this episode wanted to so we learned this one to show that they do work time has put stuff out there but now we’re in the midst of getting shown up doing work in one stage you expect to not expect to achieve is not been to team. you remember that.

They’ll say it every time. Repetition is another thing. Let’s recap today’s topic which is how to finish stronger than you started.

Point number one. Be ready for more than you expect to need. You’re running far Miles. Be prepared for seven miles and when you watch a football wide receiver running back in practice they will run every touch all the way to the end zone because they’re conditioning themselves to go all the way every single time. Point number two have a full understanding of the task in front of you know everything is known or noted sorry note a game nobody is going to be expected of you if you’re going against a point an opponent directly know their strategy and figure out strategize ways that you can use their strategy against them and number three. No this is not how you play the game. It is not about having fun. It is not about any of this stuff always about is how you finish. Human beings remember the first thing that they see. They remember the last thing that they see. Make sure you finish strong when you finish strong. People will remember you arsenal even. You weren’t that great all the way up through the beginning and the middle of the competition beginning in the middle of the situation beginning in the middle of the circumstances you were in. We remember the first name we remember the last name we tend to forget the details we tend to forget the middle. But we will remember how it finishes. So that’s how and why you finish your work on your game. Dre All Day dot.com.


3:53 Today’s Topic: How To Finish Stronger Than You Started

4:53 How can you be that great even at the end?

6:08 Point I: You must be ready for more than you expect to need.

9:35 You gotta be prepared in every way possible, every way necessary to be ready for more than you need so when you get to the end you’d have plenty of energy.

9:47 Point II: Have a full understanding of the task in front of you.

13:48 Know what your opponent plans to do.

21:03 Point III: It is no how you play the game, it is how you finish the game.

21:24 After the game, the only people who would know whether you won or lose is you. – John Wooden

22:12 How you finish matters the most.

23:43 Recap


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