#932: Leadership and The Broken Window Theory [WOYG Podcast]

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Leaders are magnets to — and for — responsibility. Today’s show is about taking responsibility not only for what you touch, but everything that stuff touches.

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3:41 Today’s Topic: Leadership and The Broken Window Theory

6:46 Point I: As soon as you let one thing go, everybody in that environment adjusts to that and it becomes the new norm

11:16 You can’t show any weakness. Once you as the leader decide these are the rules, you can’t bend on those rules.

11:36 You gotta enforce whatever your rules are going to be as the leader and people are noticing when you are and when you are not.

11:41 Point II: The longer you allow bad habits to fester and metastasize, the longer and harder it’ll be to undo their effects when you decide to do something about it

12:34 The longer the old has been the old the harder it’s gonna be to bring in the new.

18:11 Point III: You gotta be the most on-point person on the team

18:47 As soon a something is not right, you are on top of it and you address it.

19:38 It is your job to keep everybody else on their job.

20:39 Recap


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