#934: Stop Measuring Your Value By What Other People Say [WOYG Podcast]

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On the heels of yesterday’s show, today we talk about you not basing yourself by the comments of the peanut gallery. The more active you are the more you achieve, the more people who will have something to say about you. Your value, however, is never based on the audience’s comments — positive or negative.

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3:49 Today’s Topic: Stop Measuring Your Value By What Other People Say

6:14 Point I: People will see in you one of two things: What they are themselves & What they lack

8:13 How can I grow as a person and develop as an individual by examining how I can use these contrast the other person displays and apply them to my own?

10:58 Point II: You gotta talk to yourself about you more than anyone else talks to you about you

12:06 WRITE it down

13:49 Conditioning yourself, your voice to be about you

18:33 Point III: When it comes to your personal value, you must be a selective listener

18:47 Pick and choose what you are going to absorb from other people

22:51 Recap


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