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Everyone is serious and all about success when they want something — time, information, a job, a roster spot — from you. Today I’ll tell you how to determine how serious a person really is. Hint: It has nothing to do with what they say about being serious. Use what you hear to assess yourself as well as assessing others.


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3:44 Today’s Topic: How To Find Out How Serious Somebody Is

5:58 Point I: Tell them all the bad stuffs upfront

8:04 The more clear you are upfront about the challenging parts or “bad” stuff whatever you’re trying to bring people into, the easier it’ll be for them to deal with it when it comes up.

8:35  Be clear upfront exactly what it’s gonna be so then when people decide they’re gonna be in then they know what they’re going into.

9:26 Point II: Give them half the information and see what they do

11:50 When you leave an information gap when you don’t tell people everything to do, see what they do. You want a person who’s serious and willing to take the initiative.

12:23 Any person who’s not doing something because nobody told them exactly what to do or how to do it or when, where to do it, that person is not serious, you gotta get rid of that individual.

15:56 Point III: Give them an impossible test and see what they do with that impossible test

16:39 A person who’s serious is going to put effort into trying to get there.

18:19 Point IV: Be slow with rewards

18:48 The serious people will stick around even when they’re not being “rewarded” because it’s not about the reward to them, it’s about the job, goal, accomplishment, task or whatever it is that they signed up to do, is more serious to them than the rewards.

20:37 Point V: Watch what a person does when they are not being supervised

23:36 How serious are you about the job and how much are you showing it?

23:58 Recap


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