#962: You’re Not Here To Be Average [WOYG Podcast]

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There’s enough conforming average-ness in the world as-is. Today’s show is about having the courage to show your full repertoire and stand out the way you were made to.

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2:20 Today’s Topic: You Are Not Here To Be Average

4:28 Point I: You can be average without listening to this podcast.

6:24 How much of your resources will be required for you to be successful depends on how high above average you plan on going.

6:52 Point II: No one, will not claim to want to be average.

7:20 We fall into being average by default if we are not trying to be anything better.

9:43 Point III: We all like to have our “SPACE”.

17:34 Stepping out of average is about the decision you make, that you’re gonna be anything other than average.

17:48 Recap


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