#963: How To Let Your DOG Out [WOYG Podcast]

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I explained that you had to be a DOG back in episode #853. Today, you’ll learn how to let that DOG out — and we all have it in us, in case you’re wondering.

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2:20 Today’s Topic: How Do You Let That DOG Out

3:34 Point I: Stop trying to be cool with anybody.

6:40 When you put yourself in a mentality that you’re not there to make friends with people and you rather break your foot off in their asses than become their friend, people will want to be your friend even more.

6:58 What you chase after runs away from you. What you walk away from will run after you.

8:02 Point II: Do not be content with where you are, who you are, the status and position you currently have and occupy.

9:38 Everything in life is either growing or dying. Everything that’s alive is getting better or worse.

11:53 Point III: You gotta be a lone wolf.

14:34 Point IV: No Compromise.

14:52 You gotta set your standards and keep your standards where the standards are.

17:06 Recap


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