#965: Intentions Are Worthless [WOYG Podcast]

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Your plans mean nothing when the execution begins. Often people try to explain away their failed actions by sharing what their intentions were. Don’t fall for it — and don’t rock yourself to sleep with this BS line of reasoning.


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3:23 Today’s Topic: Your Intentions Are Worthless

4:51 Point I: What percentage of people do you think have ideas, plan and desires that they’ve done nothing absolutely to this point, as of today?

5:22 The more success a person achieves, the fewer plans they have that they have not done anything with.

5:46 The more things we act on, the more action we do, the higher our success goes.

7:27 Point II: Measure yourself and others by results owned.

8:57 Unless you produce results, you get absolutely nothing.

12:18 Point III: You must develop a BIAS for Action.

13:58 Action creates more action.

16:27 Recap


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