#970: Stop Running The Rat Race [WOYG Podcast]

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The day you’re waiting for, when the stars all align? When everything is finally right for you to win and execute on your plans? That great day isn’t coming to find you. So, per today’s episode, it’s your job to make that day happen under your own power.

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4:27 Today’s Topic: Getting Out Of The Rat Race

7:38 Point I: You gotta Strategize.

9:55 Don’t just do stuff and hope that you produce fruit.

11:43 Make a plan so you have some idea where to begin. When you have a plan, you have a map that’s telling you the next step to take.

13:17 Point II: Stop competing for anyone for whom beating them does not put you where you want to be.

14:25 Sometimes we end up in a rat race when we’re going after goals that don’t even take us where we want to be.

14:37 Where are your goals taking you?

15:40 Point III: Efforts and Return on Efforts don’t have a linear relationship.

16:01 Just because you work harder doesn’t mean you’ll get more results.

16:50 It’s not just working on your game, it’s what you work on and how you work on it.

20:27 Recap


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