#977: The 8 Types Of People You Need Around You, Pt. 2 [WOYG Podcast]

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Since I’ve told you whom to stay away from, let’s now talk about the types of people you need on your side. There are eight types / characteristics; this two-part series details the what and why of each. Check yourself to make sure you fit the bill.

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4:30 Today’s Topic: 8 Types of People You Want Around You PART 2

5:11 Part V: Listeners/Instruction Followers: People who are given instructions and 100% do exactly as you told them every single time.

6:46 Point VI: Positive/Chronically Happy Individuals: People who always find a silver lining in every cloud.

8:23 Point VII: Gregarious: Someone who’s fond of company & very sociable. People person.

11:40 Point VIII: Closer: A person who gets things done.

15:03 Point IX: Final Note – If you want to attract these type of people to you, you better have somebody’s traits within you.

16:12 Recap


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