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Dre is The Man

I have learned more from him than any other person throughout the last few years.. He has positively influenced my life and without him paving the way for young entrepreneurs and basketball players, there is no way I'd be where I am today.


You were a big part in morphing me into what I am today

Dear Dre, At this moment, my teacher has an assignment which consists of us writing a gratitude to someone who has made a major difference in our life, and since I have implemented your teachings into nearly every facet of my life I figured you were the perfect choice. From your YouTube videos, to your podcast, to your books they have all assisted me in life more than you or I even know. Often times I think back to around 8 or so years ago and muse on how clicking on your basketball handling video changed my life for the better. That’s the thing with technology these days, you can use it to your liking, your advantage or disadvantage. It’s like a mirror of your brain, if you show interest in futile topics it will spit that back out to you tenfold, but vice versa if you show interest in empowering things it will do the same. I like to look at it as a School of our own. We are the complete bosses of the school, we even write the agenda… With all that being said, you are teacher of the year in my school, metaphorically. You drop game literally every day (daily game) on any topic I could ever fathom, more so ones I wouldn’t I couldn’t hold a candle to your idea muscle (Episode #70 WOYG Podcast). You were a big part in morphing me into what I am today, when life could have went so many different ways. I just felt like it was time I actually showed you some appreciation back and this was a great opportunity to do it. Work on your game

Kaleb King

Thank you for your insight and step by step instructions

Thank you for your insight and step by step instructions. My 18 year old son is interested in playing basketball professionally and looking to go to his first scouting opportunity this year!

Sharon Nikol Beechum

Well Worth the Aural Real Estate

Dre gives you free access to the mindset of the ELITE.You'll like the practicality of these episodes and how he actually applies the wisdom to his life, so you can model the same thing.It's been dope following him as he attacked YouTube back in '05 and has now taken over different scenes (podcast, author, affiliate marketer, speaker, and then some).Thanks for the value Dre

Maestro Shabreon

Skill Programs: Physical OR Digital [Immediate Access] Format

Get Started Right NOW

130 workouts, on-court and off-court, and Mindset tips over 200+ pages and in digital format. No waiting for the physical product -- get WORK130 and start using it RIGHT NOW. 

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The Ball Handling Bible

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There's more than just being a knock-down shooter. When defenders crowd your space and play physical, you break them off and still hit your shots.

You don't miss.

Footwork & Efficiency

You won't get to go isolation all the time. You need to score quickly and efficiently with as few bounces as possible.

All the great scorers can do this. It's time you became one of them.

Shake Any Defender Off

Defenders playing you too tight? We have something for them. Shake them out of their shoes and leave them too embarrassed to they again. Then, you'll finish with a bucket. That's what really counts.

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Never show up out of shape.
Protect your body with the proper warm-up.
Lock down opponents on D.
Develop the passing skills to find your open teammates on time with the perfect pass.

Size Won't Ever Be A Weakness

Having trouble getting your shot off, creating space, or getting around bigger players? Let's destroy that problem now, boost your skill, and never have it again.

Go Hard In The Paint

You don't have to be a "Big Man" to play in the post. You just need to be a player who wants to have a compete offensive game -- and all the great scorers can score from anywhere.
Even the post.

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Your videos are very good and helpful!

What a small World Dre. I have been watching your videos for a while and I just found out that you also went to E&S Alumni. Don't worry the building didn't look like that when I Graduated in 2008 lol. Your videos are very good and helpful!Thanks,Josh


Now I’m in the G-League

I’ve been watching [Dre’s] videos since a teen... now I’m a professional player in the G-League. I really appreciate you Dre!

Professional Athlete

The perfect place to start

For everyone who doesn't quite understand what it really means to 'Work On Your Game,' this book is the perfect place to start. Dre shares the four major principles of this life-changing philosophy, how they have already contributed to any successful endeavor, and how they will do the same for all readers.

Charlie Broussard
Student / Athlete

Thanks for the inspiration

Just seen a couple of your videos, I like how you just put it all on the table and it’s all about hard work and made it out of nothing, I appreciate your motto, thanks for the inspiration, when I make it like you did I hope we can meet and shoot around (all the way from the UK… big fan now!)