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The mental side of what it takes to develop and perform like a professional

This podcast is a great one for sport players. I'm a struggling sophmore playing basketball, and it's a bit difficult to play at my peak performance, but this podcast reviews the mental side of what it takes to develop and perform like a professional. I'm grateful I found this at this time. I will apply this concepts to action!


You have inspired me to do my best in LIFE

Been following Dre for a minute, his YouTube videos have been inspiring and helpful in my life. Has been one of my best virtual mentors to date. Dre has been giving the 🔑🔑🔑 for a long time on YouTube. I couldn't be more impressed. The podcast has been 🔥. Every episode has been 🔥. The amount of WORK Dre puts in each episode is admirable. Everytime I listen, I learn something new that I can implement in my life. Thank you Dre for doing what you do. You have inspired me to do my best in LIFE and I'm sure that you have inspired many more! Thanks! 🙏🏽 Keep going with the 🔥!

MJ Satumba

Your website is very informative and I commend you for your honesty and realistic advice! Thank you for the tremendous amount of " free" information, and thought provoking advice you provide to all. It is so clear when someone obviously loves the game of basketball!Regards,Bo Burgess

Roslyn Burgess

Thank you for all the content and advice Dre!

Hey Dre, I just wanted to say thank you for your content. The other day when you said you need to feed positive energy to stuff that you like, it got me thinking. I watch your videos constantly because your advice is pretty much bulletproof. It’s honest and applicable to almost any situation in life. But as much as it helps, I never give it the feedback it deserves. Your advice actually helped me a lot already. I was one of those that would look up tips for tryouts a week before they were happening. I first did this when I was in 10th grade and of course, I didn’t make the team. But I watched one of your videos when I looked that up. Then I tried out again in 12th grade and tried to do too much information gathering and ended up wasting a whole summer and didn’t make the team. At first, I thought it was bullshit because I thought I deserved to be on the team and I was blaming it all on the “politics” of it, and making excuses about it. But you’re right. Maybe I did possibly deserve a spot at the end of the bench but if that’s the mentality I was going for in that tryout then maybe that wasn’t the time for me to tryout anyway. If I would’ve actually worked out that summer and had some real game instead of the minimum I was counting on to make the team, things most likely would’ve turned out differently. I’m trying out for a college basketball team (Lehman College) next fall, and I’m taking your advice. I’m gonna be 10x as good as the other guys. I’m gonna play in a lot of games, get some experience and maybe some recognition in the summer, and get in great shape so I’m prepared and they can’t not pick me up no matter what the coaches situation is. I’m learning now that waiting to have everything I need to start putting in work is the worst thing you can do. Therefore, I’m gonna do the best I can with what I know, and keep learning from the grind. Thank you for all the content and advice Dre!

Carlo Grillo

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Get Started Right NOW

130 workouts, on-court and off-court, and Mindset tips over 200+ pages and in digital format. No waiting for the physical product -- get WORK130 and start using it RIGHT NOW. 

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Hoops = Life

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Michael Bartholow
Search marketing professional

You gave me advice and I took to heart because it came from you...

A while ago we messaged and you gave me advice and I took to heart because it came from you and it helped me get on to play for school basketball now I look back I appreciate you thank you, you owe me nothing love God bless you


Now I’m in the G-League

I’ve been watching [Dre’s] videos since a teen... now I’m a professional player in the G-League. I really appreciate you Dre!

Professional Athlete

Greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for all your support and advice!! Greatly appreciated!

Trina Wiggins