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Dre's Past Media Appearances

Hire Dre Baldwin (The Best Unsigned Basketball Player Alive)!(

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 8 (

Interview with Dre Baldwin, former shooting guard of Primorje-Mediteran Herceg Novi and owner of and other popular basketball-related web sites(

Basketball Lifer Dre Baldwin Gets Selected To Play In Nike “Summer Is Serious” Basketball Game (

Interviewing International Superstar Dre Baldwin (NBAShoes101)

Dre Baldwin: No Excuses (

Dre Baldwin: Exclusive Interview With Hoop Culture (



Podcast 40: How a Basketball Player Built a Huge YouTube Fan Base and a Growing Business with Dre Baldwin []

Dre Baldwin ( [Translation

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers By Being Consistent []

Establishing your Brand authority online with Dre Baldwin [ Bernanrd Kelvin Cline]

Self-Discipline: Flip Your Script to Leverage Accountability []

Life Above the Rim: Dre Baldwin Scoring Big as Marketing, Branding Expert[]

Awaken Your Alpha Podcast Episode #139: Work On Your Game with Dre Baldwin[]

TBT $1 Million Tournament Regional Standings Report []

Be Who You Are: Your True Audience Will Always Accept You []

99 Best Facebook Pages to Follow for Aspiring Social Media PROS (#46) []

WOYG Looking To Show Off Its Game At TBT []

Working On Your Game – Dre []

ClickZLive Toronto Speakers [ClickZLive]

True Hoops Stories with Dre Baldwin: Beyond the Hardwood [True Hoops Story]

Interview: The Beverly Kennedy National Syndicated Show

Interview: Pedro Rivera – Rising Stars National Syndicated Show

Fit037: Creating a Personal Brand While Playing Hoops Overseas[]

Be An Attention Getter Tele-Summit []

A New Beginning: WOYG []

Podcast 120 – How to “Work on your Game” with Dre Baldwin [Drummer’s]

Young Hustlers: How To Be A Baller []

Speaking At Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce PULSE Luncheon[]

Work On Your Game Or Someone Will Pass You With Dre Baldwin[]

Build A Personal Brand And Develop A Platform That Works With Dre Baldwin []

Interview: The Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell Show []

Interview: Success Stalkers Radio with Ioana Garrett []

My NOW Page []

How To Develop World Class Discipline with Dre Baldwin []

Keep It Clean []

Appearance on Knowledge For Men Podcast []

The Exposure Show: Motivation For The New Year [ExposurePodcast]

Ransom graduate returns to speak at TEDx Coconut Grove

Fourth annual TEDxCoconutGrove celebrates and inspires attendees to follow their dreams

Dre Baldwin A Jeho 3 Rady, Ako Sa Celkom Prestať Zaujímať O To, Čo Si O Vás Myslia Druhí []

Be Your Own Coach: Dre Baldwin of #WorkOnYourGame []

FitPro Industry Podcast

3 Keys To Success: Black Entreprenuer Blueprint

Overcome Fear Of Failure: Dreams In Drive

The Power Of Showing Up And Being Relentless: TrailBlazers.FM

The Business Of Discipline: Heart + Hustle

Building Your Mental Toughness & Confidence: Athlete Maestro

How To Work On Your Game: Success Stalkers

Persistence Is Key: Success Unfiltered

The Intersection Of Things: Networking With Michelle

Philly Famous

Episode #85 Interview with Dre Baldwin, Former Professional Basketball Player/Mental Toughness Expert [Six Weeks To Fitness]

Dre All Day! – Will Yourself To Go Pro [HoopChalk]

The Business of Discipline ft. Dre Baldwin of Dre All Day [Heart + Hustle Podcast]

Work On Your Game: Awaken Your Alpha

Work On Your Game, Coaches!: Natural Born Coaches

Motivation For The New Year: Exposure!

Live At MDMC ’17: UMSL In Your Business

Establishing Your Brand Authority Online: Personal Branding Podcast

Bulletproof Your Mindset: EOFire

3 Keys To Success: Black Entreprenuer Blueprint

Playing in the $2 Million Basketball Tournament: TBT

Work On Your Game Or Someone Will Pass You: The Launching Point

How To Develop World Class Discipline: Dream Chaser Show

Work On Your Game: Shedding The Bitch

Creating A Personal Brand While playing Overseas: Fit Across Cultures

How To Work On Your Game and Build A Long-Term Personal Brand: Player’s Point Podcast

UFC rules for Thanksgiving politics talk: To start, no biting Los Angeles Times

The Third Day: What Separates The Pros From Amateurs Professional Performance Magazine

Ep 45- Dre Baldwin- Mental Toughness Needed to Work On Your Game 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness

DRE BALDWIN: WORK ON YOUR GAME Growth Mindset University

16 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Make Bold Decisions – Hearpreneur

Email Marketing Trends in 2020: Experts Share Their Visions SmartrMail

15 Entrepreneurs Explain What Being Bold Means to Them CEOBlogNation

How To Build Strong Relationships ItsAllYouBoo

Treat Your Work Team Like a Sports Team ATD – Association For Talent Development

Episode 129: Dre Baldwin – B2B (Basketball to Business) GameTime Guru

Putting Yourself in Perspective Psychology Today (Also In Print)

Work on Your Game: Use the Pro Athlete Mindset to Dominate Your Game in Business, Sports, and Life Contender Cast

Success Occurs From The Inside-Out Ideamensch

Dre Baldwin on going pro, having confidence, and facing struggles BigBodyLife

How To ‘Work on Your Game’ with Dre Baldwin Kyle Nitchen

Interview with Dre Baldwin Alex Charfen’s MOMENTUM for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Athlete to Entrepreneur Part 4 – Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game Inc. Alex McComb Big & Awkward

Dre Baldwin Visits The Downtown Podcast Vegas Talks

Dre Baldwin: From Athlete To Entrepreneur; 5 Work Ethic Lessons We Can Learn From Athletes Authority Magazine

Basketball Pro Dre Baldwin: How To Be Great At Sales Without Seeming Salesy Authority Magazine

Become A Story Or A Statistic w/ Dre Baldwin Hoop Commitment

Ep. 85 Dre Baldwin – All you need is 10% of the knowledge to start 9INE Point

Dumb and Dumbest Episode #472: Dre Baldwin on Sales – Dumb and Dumbest

Tough Talks Borrowing the Mentality of Winners with DreAllDay Baldwin Tough Talks

Dre Baldwin of Work On Your Game: “To build habits start by deconstructing your best performances”  Authority Magazine

Work On Your Game to Achieve Small Business Success with Dre Baldwin The How of Business

16. Dre Baldwin – DreAllDay Big Fellas Basketball

Ep. 521 Dre Baldwin – The Daily Grind Podcast

Dumb and Dumbest Episode #494: Dre Baldwin Returns To Talk Productivity – Dumb and Dumbest

Adopting An Athlete’s Mindset of Mental Toughness, Discipline and Confidence For Success in Business and Life – Inside LaunchStreet

Acclaimed Author and Overseas Vet Dre Baldwin – The Matchup Zone (Video)

Dre Baldwin of ‘Work On Your Game’: Rising Through Resilience; Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient – Authority Magazine

Dre Baldwin – Work on Your Game – Vroom Vroom Veer

Work on Your Game with Dre Baldwin – Compete Every Day

Dre “AllDay” Baldwin on Confidence and Following Your Passions, Not Norms – Athlete On Fire

105: Dre “DreAllDay” Baldwin, Founder/CEO, Work On Your Game – The EdUp Experience Podcast (Video)

How to Create Confidence When You Don’t Have It: Dre Baldwin on Confidence, Success, and Showing Up – Success Through Failure

Applying an Athlete’s Mentality to Business with Dre All Day’s Dre Baldwin – The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Dre Baldwin: The Four Non-Negotiables for Unstoppable Energy! – DREAM THINK DO 

Work On Your Game – Strong for Performance Podcast

I Knew I’d Become and Entrepreneur | Dre Baldwin | Work On Your Game Inc | USA – Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code (Video)

Bag Talk Session | Dre Baldwin Pro Athlete & Work On Your Game Creator | Mental Toughness to Success – Take The Lead Podcast

Dre Baldwin: 4 x Ted Speaker, Professional Basketball Player, Author, & Mental Toughness Champion – The Personal Process Podcast

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 84: Becoming the Most Successful Version of You With Dre Baldwin – BiggerPockets Business Podcast

27 Books,4 TedTalks|Pro Athlete Shares How To Win The Game Of Life with DreAllDay – The Early Life Project

203: Your No-Nonsense Game Plan for Success with Dre Baldwin – The Intentional Advantage

678 – The 5 Laws Of Ideal Avatar Identification (With Dre Baldwin) – Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type


How To Develop Self-Discipline With Dre Baldwin – Social Confidence Mastery

The Mirror of Motivation with Dre Baldwin – The Professional Noticer
Dre Baldwin – Step-By-Step Process To Winning Anywhere – Billion Success

Dre Baldwin of Work On Your Game: Five Ways To Develop More ‘Grit’ –  Authority Magazine | Thrive Global

From Basketball To Entrepreneurship with Dre Baldwin – Take the lead with Dr. Diane Hamilton

Short Life Lessons From Dre Baldwin –

How To Take Your Company From Good To Great – The Authority Magazine

The Mindset to Dominate –Leader of Learning Podcast


Sage Thought Leadership Podcast: TSOE Excerpt – Dre Baldwin on getting started as an online entrepreneur – Sage Thought Leadership Podcast

Dre Baldwin: Prove Your Potential: Harmon Brothers: From Poop to Gold


Building a Bulletproof Mindset – Dre Baldwin | Real Talk with Zuby #142

Bulletproofing Your Mindset To Overcome Your Limitations | Duct Tape Marketing

Do These 4 Things to Stand Out From Your Competition | The Table With Anthony O’Neal & Ramsey Solutions

The Mirror Of Motivation With Dre Baldwin | The Successful Pitch With John Livesay

How to Succeed at Working on Your Game | How To Succeed Podcast

Make it Happen with Dre Baldwin | What’s Next! with Tiffani Bova

Episode 273 – Work on your Game with Dre Baldwin | The Extraordinary Business Book Club

Defining and Achieving Success with Dre Baldwin | Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

The Beast Mode Codes with Dre Baldwin | Wolf Portal Podcast

NQL 342 – Dre Baldwin | No Quit Living Podcast

38: Bench Warmer To Pro Basketball Career, Author Of 29 Books & 8,000 Videos // The Story Of Dre Baldwin | Rock Bottom to Rockin’ It

Work on Your Game with Dre Baldwin | Brilliance Beyond Borders With Chinwe Esimai

Building Confidence With Dre Baldwin and Ed Fulbright | Mastering Your Money Radio

Self Discipline is Your Superpower with Business Coach & Former Pro Athlete, Dre Baldwin | Do Your Crap With Micah Folsom

Biz Tip Of The Week: How Will Your Story End? | Biz Tip Of The Week

Ep. 25 Dre “All Day” Baldwin | Work on Your Game, Author, Former Pro Basketball Player | Capturing The Game

How To Build Unshakeable Confidence & Self-Belief With Dre Baldwin | All In With Natalie Allport

Talk Trash to Me | This Is Critical With Virginia Heffernan

[WORTH] WORK ON YOUR GAME FT DRE BALDWIN | Permission To Offed w/ Rachel Luna 

Work On Your Game With Dre Baldwin | Pencil Leadership with Chris T. Anderson

Working on Your Entrepreneurship Game with Dre Baldwin, Founder of Work on Your Game | Startup Renegades with Shauna Armitage


Dre Baldwin on understanding the four pillars of Athletic Mindset (Part 1) | The Habit Coach w/ Ashdin Doctor

Dre Baldwin decodes the concept of ‘The Third Day’ | The Habit Coach w/ Ashdin Doctor

How to Build Confidence and Self-Belief – The Sonya Looney Podcast

How To Play As Well As You Practice Demystifying Mental Toughness w/ David Charlton

Dre Baldwin : Mental Toughness & Business Coach, Former Professional Basketball Player, Author Team Never Quit w/ Marcus Luttrell & Melanie Luttrell 

How to Improve Your Relationships in Your Difficult Conversations with Dre Baldwin Negotiate Anything w Kwame Christian 

Work On Your Game And Grow Your Content Brand With Dre Baldwin (Ep. 671) Breakthrough Success w/ Marc Guberti

The Decision That Separates The Pros From The Amateurs The 5AM Miracle w/ Jeff Sanders

The Third Day with Dre Baldwin | The Professional Noticer With Andy Andrews

Dre “All Day” Baldwin: Do You Have a “Third Day” Mentality? | Better Leaders Better Schools w Daniel Bauer

S2E45 -How to Work on Your Game: Mentality Matters (with Dre Baldwin) | Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations w Lolita E. Walker

3 Steps To Drastically Improve Your Relationships | Kwame Christian in Forbes