A Can-Do-It List: 3 Reasons Why and How

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A Can-Do-It List: 3 Reasons Why and How Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comHow many ideas do we kill in our minds, just thinking of why it can’t happen, why we don’t have enough _____ to complete the job, why no one will agree/come to/buy it? Probably a lot. You likely can’t even recall most of the bodies your mind has buried, because we do it unconsciously, over and over again every single day.

How to fix this?

  1. Counteract these unconscious thoughts with the exact opposite thoughts: A Can-Do-It mental (or physical) list. For every wild idea, think of 3-5 reasons why it could happen and be real. Doesn’t mean you’ll actually do it, you’re just conditioning your mind for thinking of how instead of how-not.
  2. Become aware of your no-can-do thoughts and start cancelling them out with 3-5 can-do thoughts of #1.
  3. For 10 days, try one thing you always thought you couldn’t do. A written list is strongly recommended for this, since your consistent no-can-do patterns have probably erased most of these ideas from your conscious mind. So you’ll have to write them down to even make them conscious again. Make a list of 100 (yeah, you have 100. Probably more). Each day, pick one and attack.

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