A Dozen Of My Own Personal Disciplines

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The more I can simplify or routinize my life, the more time and energy I create for myself. This leaves space for the unplanned or untimed stuff that comes up for all of us.

Below is a list of some of my most important daily disciplines. Maybe you can use some of these in your own life.

  1. I work out every day. Thus, I lay out my workout clothes for the next day or even up to the next week the night before.
  2. When in the gym, I warm up the same way every time. I do the same exercises, changing only the weights, repetitions and sets.
  3. I do not check emails, text messages or Slack communication in the mornings until after I’ve worked out.
  4. I use the Calendar app to schedule my day every morning.
  5. I start every day drinking a full liter of water.
  6. Breakfast (aka what I consume before lunch): The liter of water. Two bananas. Protein shake (almond milk, ice, banana, peanut butter, pea protein). 5oz spinach. Four more liters of water.
  7. To avoid middle-of-the-night bathroom trips that interrupt my sleep, I stop drinking fluids 6 hours before bed time.
  8. I’m an entrepreneur; I’m not on salary and don’t have my schedule made for me. I still start and end my Work day at the same time daily.
  9. I don’t cook or shop for groceries. I pay a meal delivery service to bring me meals (2 per day) and spend the same amount I would spend shopping + preparing meals. The meals get heated in the toaster oven. I don’t use a stove, oven or microwave.
  10. On “school nights,” I go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.
  11. I do creative work, like writing, recording videos, and replying to messages, in the mornings while my brain is fresh. Repetitive or brainless tasks, like updating a CRM or moving media files into folders, get handled in the afternoons.
  12. I don’t make to-do lists. I decide on a single  most-worthwhile outcome for the day.
I explain the foundation of the above disciplines in my books The Mirror Of Motivation and The Mental Workbook.