A Story Ain’t A Story…: The Challenges Are What Make It

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A Story Ain't A Story... dre baldwin dreallday.com… Until the bullshit happens.

Think of the best stories you have of your life. Most of them, probably, have that negative point that makes the story what it is. The setback that you overcame. The unexcited event that changed your plans. The steep odds you were up against at the start. Without that, the story isn’t really that interesting.

All the stuff you’ve done in which you faced no major opposition or dark days or tough choices, those stories aren’t really worth telling. As Stringer Bell so eloquently explained, those stories are like 40-degree days — no one gives a fuck about them. We want to talk about the snowstorms and the heat waves. The extremes make conversation pieces.

So when the bullshit happens, the bad days, the screw-ups, the shitty relationships occur, know that the story has just begun.

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