A Students and C Students – And A Bad Example

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A Students and C Students - And A Bad Example dre baldwin dreallday.comI heard a guy speak and tell this story:

At the end of a school year, a teacher announced to his 30 students that anyone who chose to, could skip the final exam while still receiving a passing grade for the year. 27 of the shocked students happily accepted the teacher’s offer and skipped the final exam.

On the day of the final, the 3 students who showed up were told they didn’t need to take the final exam, either: they all received an A in the class. The 27 students who took the “passing grade” offer received a C in the class.

The speker telling this story told it as a way of demonstrating that the people who show up to do the work always get more rewards for being willing to do so — which I completely agree with. but using school as an example killed the point and made this a really bad example.

Why the hell am I showing up to take a test that merely proves that I just memorized some useless  information (i.e., when you get your first job none of this shit will help you do the work)? I’m taking the C and getting the hell out of there.

There’s no honor in proving you know or can do something that doesn’t matter.