Accept It: Someone, Somewhere, is Going to F**k Up, Somehow.

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Some in this picture is screwing up MAJORLY at this very moment.

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My assistant dropped the ball on an order, leaving me to deal with a questioning customer. I was annoyed as s**t with my assistant for two minutes about how this happened, as our process is super-simple. I know because I created the damn process, and explained it in caveman-can-do-it detail. And, peoples’ money is the something I don’t make mistakes with.

Then I put the blame back on me, as it is my business. And my assistant – unless she reads this – never knew how pissed I was. Which is good.

I heard Tony Robbins on an interview a month or two ago. Tony has multiple companies with thousands of active employees. Tony posed a question to the host.

Of all these companies and all these people, could we agree that at least ONE of them is seriously f**king something up right now? Absolutely!

Tony’s point was he refused to get worked up about it, because there’s no way he could police it all. Further, he refused to stress himself about it, knowing that s**t happens sometimes, and just like last time, we’ll deal with it.


Accept that someone, somewhere, is f**king up right now. This is a person you know. This person could do the right thing, if you were around to coach her on what the right thing is, or to point out the mistake before it happened. But you’re not around. Thus, the f**k up will happen.

F**k ups have happened before, And you lived to fight another day. You’ll manage the next one, too.

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