Acres of Diamonds

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Acres of Diamonds | Dre BaldwinThere is a well-known speech from which the title of this post is taken – if you want to read/hear it, look it up. I’ll paraphrase it here:

A man owned a farm that paid him reasonably well — he had enough to eat, sold some crops, and lived reasonably well. He had heard, however, of farms that had diamonds buried beneath them in the next town over. The farmer, impatient to get the riches he’d heard about, sold his farm and moved to the “Diamond Town”. He spent the rest of his life digging for diamonds and found none. He dies hungry and penniless.

The man who purchased the original farm, however, noticed something gleaming on the sunlight in a stream on his new farm one day. Turns out, the farm was built on top of a diamond mine. The second farmer dug and grew ridiculously rich from all the diamonds he found buried under his new farm.

You have an acre of wealth in you. Your life, your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and ideas come in a combination that has never existed before and will never exist again. Your job is to package it all in a way that compels people to want to know more — and sell it to them.

Remember that “sell” is more than for money (though that is definitely included). Attention is an even more valuable currency.

The diamonds aren’t on anyone else’s farm, though it may seem like it. The only difference with someone else who seems to have all the diamonds is that their 1) Dug up her own farm more than you have yours and 2) has packaged their diamonds in a way that makes others want them.

There are riches on your farm. Look at it with fresh eyes.

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