Action!: The #1 Habit Of The Successful People You Know

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The biggest challenge you face right now can probably be defeated with some form of action.Action! - Dre Baldwin

Action is the habit of the most successful people I see or read about or follow. We see and hear about them doing things. Not thinking about things or talking about what they’re gonna do or bouncing their ideas off of withers for approval. They just take action.

Action is the #1 antidote to the most widespread disease in the known world: fear. Right at this moment, someone in the world is deferring an action they know they need to take because of fear. Every one of us has at some time hesitated to take an action that we knew we would eventually have to take because of fear.

Action not only lets you put your (always-outsized) fears to the test, action gives your mind — the exclusive, worldwide manufacturer of fear — something else to do.

Think of some of the leaders in your life. They are all people of action. Think of your greatest life moments and achievements: all results of action taken when fear and/or indifference could’ve held you back.

The challenging part of being a person of action is that you’ll have to get moving even when there is nothing forcing you to do so. Being able to do this separates you from those who only move when they more forced to. If there was a guaranteed way to do this, trust me, I’d wrote it here. But there isn’t, and that’s what makes it a challenge.

But, what defeats challenges?