Acute Angles: Know A Person’s Angle When They Talk

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Acute Angles dre baldwinPeople who get talked about by those who don’t actually know them are usually pretty good at what they do. And since these people are being discussed, we mostly already know that they’re good.

Which is why the only way to discuss these people in a way that draws attention, creates a conversation, is to point out what’s wrong with them. What they should be doing better. What’s not great.

This is how ESPN fills 24 hours of every day with programming and the sports commentator whom you hate the most is a person you still follow on Twitter and how blogs continue to pump out content when nothing newsworthy has really happened since 12 hours ago.

The angle that gets people going the most is the angle of creating or pointing out the negative. Doesn’t mean that the one pointing out is enlightened or especially smart, but it gets the people going.