VIDEO For Parents: Want Your Child To Play Their Sport Better? Follow My Advice

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Parents often come to me looking for help. But it’s the wrong type of help.

Many parents ask how they can “motivate” their son or daughter to be more serious about their sport. Or how to instill in the kid that scholarship opportunities may dry up sooner rather than later and that is of the essence.

Stop It!

Parents: Realize these desires are all about YOU, and not about the kid.

YOU want your son to be serious about soccer. Does he want to be? YOU want your daughter to get a basketball scholarship. Does she even want to play in college? YOU know what opportunities you missed out on as a youth. Your child doesn’t want to hear your stories anymore.

Unfortunately, some situations just have to be experienced to be fully absorbed. You trying to force-feed motivation to your kids DOES NOT work. But you already knew that, didn’t you?