#32: Afraid Of Success? Take This Test [WOYG Podcast]

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Success!!! Who doesn’t want it? If you go by what people say, almost all of us want it, in some form. So what;s stopping anyone form getting it? You may not know it, but it may be a fear of success. The problem with this “Fear Of Success” thing is lots of people say it, few explain it. Good thing you know about DreAllDay. Dre explains what a fear of success looks, feels and smells like, and how you can get that issue out of your way on your path to success.

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  1. Dre, you’ve talk about several times not to downplay the success, it really changed my mind, as a Chinese, our traditional culture taught us to be “neutral”,otherwise people may think the person was too proud of himself. That’s maybe the real issue stops people from being ambitious.

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