All The Pieces Matter by Jonathan Abrams (@Jpdabrams) [Book Review]

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‏“The show plopped the viewer into the middle of a vast universe without an explanatory guide. The plot was complicated, and the dialogue may as well have been in another language. The series shifted focus each season. Too many characters lived in its space, and Simon brought forth no obvious heroes. Few watched the show when it aired. Award voters mostly ignored it. The Wire faced cancellation almost annually.”

I don’t remember when or how exactly I got into The Wire — I’d bet it was the girl I was dating at the time — but once I started watching, I was IN, and in hard.

If you haven’t watched The Wire, make it your next binge-viewing pleasure. The Baltimore-based show takes you deep inside the games of several well-known institutions — the drug game, the docks, the school system, police force, and media — and show the viewer just how fucked up and crazy things get back there. My description does nothing towards giving The Wire justice, and this book is strictly for those who’ve watched the show cover-to-cover.

All The Pieces Matter is an oral history of The Wire, a compilation of interviews with actors, directors, casting people and even the brass at HBO (who many times battled with canceling the show altogether). Read this after you complete your viewing.

You Should Read All The Pieces Matter IF: You have already watched every episode of The Wire, all five seasons.