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I think it’s time I explain exactly what it is that I do.


Maybe you know that I played ball. You’ve heard me talk about my books. There’s the speaking gigs and TEDxTalks. Perhaps you saw me on YouTube or listen to my daily MasterClass / Podcast.


None of those is my main business.


In each of those “jobs,” the real deal was bigger than scoring points, getting listed on Amazon, or launching a funnel. It was never about a Like, View, Subscriber or a Comment.


The main deal — my actual business — is helping people who want the same thing that I decided on 20+ years ago: Become the Fully-Realized version of yourself, to where you can say, do, and be whatever you want.


In practical terms: You want to stop editing or filtering yourself to make other people comfortable. You keep your career or business, and have the confidence to be yourself while doing it — everyone will adjust to it.


You want to be the person you’re inspired by when you look in the mirror.


For me, basketball, books, and content were/are mere vehicles for making that happen. If it wasn’t those, it would have been something else. The vision would not change.


The people I work with are those who know that the person they’re being today is not the 100% version of YOU. Maybe you’ve been socialized to hold yourself back. Or, your job requires you to show up in an “acceptable” way. Or, you may not even know why it is — but you do know there’s someone within you that hasn’t quite come out.


And, you know that you’re “on the clock” in this life.


Why do I care?


Because being who I am wasn’t always cool. No one would have predicted that it would ever be.


I used to be a geek wearing eyeglasses and tight clothes, before any of those were cool. Nobody would’ve projected me to become the cool, confident person who inspired others. There were times when I’d rather be invisible than be noticed.


Over time I learned to flip that energy around and it led to a change in behavior. I couldn’t grow into doing that for anyone else until I proved I could do it for myself. As they say, you can’t give what you don’t have.


Reply to this email if you’re ready to bring that person out. Because that’s what I do for a living.


By the way, the best place to start is with my book The Mirror Of Motivation so you can answer the question of who you need to BE in your life — which means you’re no longer living aimlessly. You can get it free here: 

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