Alone In The World: Get Comfortable Being By Yourself

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Alone In The World dre baldwinWe all go through times of being alone. Sometimes, we welcome this alone time. Some people more than others, but we all need space to ourselves from time to time.

Some of us are alone a lot and we like it. Some of us are alone a lot and we hate it. This is the feeling of loneliness, which is different from being alone. Being “alone” is simple — there’s no one else around for the moment, and we have the power to change the situation at any time.

Being “lonely” is when we feel all alone all the time, even in a room full of people. our feeling is not literal and physical, it’s deep-seeded and emotional. We find ourselves gravitating towards isolation even when there is opportunity for company. Isolation is a sickness that can physically and mentally destroy people, depending on how it’s handled. Being alone, on the other hand, is a choice we make.

Being the best at something is lonely, in a way that can polish a person like a rare diamond or very well could destroy a person (sometimes both). Being the best, by definition, puts you in a lonely place. There is no one on your level. No one good enough, no one who understands exactly what it took for you to get there.

There is a kind of safety in numbers, being within a group. Loneliness is scary. You have to depend on yourself a lot, and when there’s a problem you have to look in the mirror to solve it more often than not. You have no choice but to solve it when there’s no one to turn to.

You have a conscious choice to make: Either the safety of the group, where the average hang out. Or you can choose the loneliness of being the best — or the quest of trying to be. You have to choose to go into that pain, that isolation, that life that no one else will be able to relate to. And it doesn’t end at any point. There is no finish line — you’re jumping on a treadmill for as long as you plan on being the best.

If you choose this, Be sure to stretch your legs.

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